She is gone and Thank God she is fired!

thxg.jpgOn my previous blog and I wrote about how important both Attitude and Personality plays in work environment. And finally the obnoxious lady in our team has been removed on 05/24 from our company as zero tolerant acts by her. Well, I do not mind to clear her mess but I am so glad that she is gone.


The phrase that still fresh in my mind which is ‘Thank God she is fired’

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I feel good ‘Rapid Reward’

It was an honor to receive the ‘Rapid Reward’ from my National Operation Manager during the huddle this morning.  I felt very grateful and sweet because the Management notices my hard work along the way.  This award is to recognize my business intellect and perseverance to set up Logistics on behalf of Google, specific to the Global Book Project. 

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Attitude and Personality are important ?

 I would say that ‘Attitude and Personality’ are very important to each of us on this planet.  These attributes are especially important for the individuals who work in huge corporations.  It’s painful to watch or deal with obnoxious and immature personalities. 

Do you agree?

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