Are you responsible enough for your JOB?

Good morning and Hi @ 8am and See ya and bye @ 5pm is just a typical trend work to the fellow workers. But the question that flag in my mind that are you responsible enough to accomplished to do list of the day? 

I am hourly employee and lately my management asked me to signed a form with the remarked ‘The employee who work for 5hrs or more per day got to take 30mins break’ hmm this is a law I guess.  But I just do not understand WHY the individual needs to take the 30mins by doing nothing instead of accomplish the task!

Very frustrating and many un-answer questions:-

·        Do you responsible your job

·        How many hours are you really working per day?

·        MIA for hours

·        Are you a team player

·        Is going home is more important than to deal with your hot task

·        If you are in salary position and probably you aren’t 40hrs per week.

·        Why the Management doesn’t see the real worker who contributes an extra effort for the team?  

It’s painful to deal with those looser though and I am not sure how long that I can last in this kind of situation.  



By elizascott Posted in Humor

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