Whoops I did it again…

Wonder why each time I took a test regardless at school or work and there must be one mistake that I made ahhgg. I am trying to avoid this but it has not been successful yet.   What’s wrong with me?

Yeah although I am passed the AESDirect Certification quiz but I am not happy with the result that I achieved even it was 96% because I want it to be 100% perfect.


Cooking at home or dine in!

I would say most of the couples who work in these days doesn’t cook at home and this includes both of us.  With our hectic schedule and it just impossible to cook during weekdays but weekend is an accept ions one. But again, it depends to the plan of the day..we might out door for whole day or may take our sweet time to cook for hours while chatting and sipping wine with classical music.  That’s wonderful…  

However, in this lazy Sunday afternoon and we both craving for Chinese food.  Hence we dine in at Sino restaurant at Santa Row for lunch.  No doubt it is convenience for parking and nice environment too. That’s my type of restaurant especially with good food “Dim Sum” but a little pricey and it cost $30- $50 per head count for a meal.  However, a bit disappointed with their service as not in consistency. They are in the rush to take our orders then took a long long time to serve the food. Also miscommunication between waitress and waiter …we actually ordered Vanilla Crème Blulee and Mango pudding but they sent our Mango pudding to next table who do not place that order! Oh well… 

Sayonara and R.I.P. Ikoku san!

My love called me at work this morning and told me that Roger’s Japanese teacher /Ikoku san found death in her apartment at Boston.   Not sure whether over dose or health complication and hospital will conduct autopsy to define more details.    

Nope and l do not want to hear any other sudden death anymore.  Last Saturday we learned that Bay Area anchor Pete Wilson dies as heart attacked during surgery then follow by her L

Tokomo is sweet lady and always look for opportunity to make more money.   Just can’t believe that she is gone.   Although, she leaves in East Coast but she always in touch and asking advise on stock market and tips from my love. 

And we will remember her by looking at the half bottle of lavender scent that we use for candles but they used it as massage oil instead during their last visit. 

What a surprise to get $1 raise after 13months…

Wow…I am surprised and disappointed after the ‘review’ this morning. I am a hard worker as able to handle multiple project without supervision. But I just do not understand why I got $1 raise after the hard work that I contributed in.

Work hard and develop towards department is my all time goal but I am not sure after the review and I will need to do so for the team where I can easily make hundred or thousand dollars per day through trading?  Oh well, looking forward for other organization that really see their fellow worker performance rather then waiting time here.

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The fifth laptop in six years

Oh yes! My love bought another laptop for me and it is Compaq Presario C502US 15.4″ Notebook PC (Celeron M Processor 440, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD Combo Drive, Vista Basic) Whoa this wide screen laptop definitely makes me easy to read for sure.  Somewhat l notices that Window Vista slower compare to Window XP.  I am now taking Dream Weaver classes and look forward to build a cool web page next. 

You Screwed up the process and stick to Logistics!

Whoa that was a very strong statement from my very own ‘Director’ to me this morning. It was simply because I am too helpful to assists our customer. Awkward! Oh yes…Hmm that’s lead me to think about what type of management that I am working with? Are they professional enough! Hell no……..

Is it wrong to be helpful…?

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Be considerate please…


Yep, some of the phone service provider has a program such as free call for weekend or etc.  Hmm are you going to abuse the service by using it none stop…


Do you ever think? How many times that you are calling your relatives or friends during weekend and especially in the morning at 8.30am?   Well, if you did that and you might need to think about the time different between you and your caller!  How about ONLY dial when really necessary?   Guess this is a fair question to think about eh..



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Are you superficial about the date?

From getting married to retail store having a huge sale on 7th July 2007 hmm why is that?  What about this coming 8th August 2008 and 9th September 2009? 


I am sure people especialy those Chinese lover already start planning on these date to tied the knot. Because 8 means ‘good luck’ as for 9 means ‘forever’  OK now, so who can tell me about mine wedding date…it was 8th September 2003?  Guess it must be the best because I had both special number ‘good luck’ and ‘forever’ lol…


Well, in my opinion it just a number and it’s depend to individual on their specific occasion on the particular date.  But 6th June 2006 for me was unique this is because it was my last day @ Cisco Systems and heading to Google next.


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Do you think SPF 30 Sunscreen can protect from the 95 degrees heat?

The Indepandance’s day on this year fall on Wednesday which lure most of the worker take addition days off in order to enjoy their long weekend.  Well, that is nothing wrong though especially with the nice summer weather but the heat just drives me off…

We were invited to Denise’s home for pool site gathering at somewhere Tracy.  It took about an hour drive to get there though with 80miles per hour.  Nice looking houses there of course, her house is billion with the 30 foot pool and SPA as well. It’s perfect for sunbathing or even routine sun exposure. But it was just too warm there because weather temperature is around 95 degree. The SPF 30 sunscreen that I applied doesn’t help me and I got a bad sunburn as a result :((

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The special day 1st July

The special of 1st July aren’t not because of Canadian Day, HKG returned to China nor Princess Diana’s birthday but it is ‘My BD’.  

I am special and in deed I am the luckiest lady in the world…in the lazy Sunday morning and woke up almost noon (this is norm for us for weekend) with the sweet kisses and warm hugs from my sweetie. That’s simply makes my day and even for the rest of the week…..

Then he took me to the romantic dinner and surprised me with Canon SD 1000 digital camera with ‘7.1 mega pixel’ as my birthday gift. Wow this is my second digital camera from him though…hmm not sure about the gift but the thought count. 

Each and every day he just brightens me up and bring me to next level. I can’t get enough to Thank God that I found him.  He truly my best friend, my lover and my pinky pie.