Fascinating device ‘STOCK ORB’

It’s amazing the frosted glass sphere is linked to a wireless network and subtly shifts among thousands of colors to display real-time information.  For examples, the Orb glows green as the stock market rises and red as it declines.

It may also customize the orb to track which ever the owner care about such as DOW, NASDAQ, PORTFOLIO, WEATHER, GOLF, SAILING, TRAFIIC, SPORTS and DEVELOPER Channel through web browser. 

I am glad to pick up this device as one of the gift to my love for his birthday.  Although, Amazon delay in delivery but hey Pricess Pinky (not PRINCESS) is special and that is exception for everything. This is because ‘I am special’!

Great Therapy

It’s has been a while I do not did leave work on time nor made it home before dark.  This is because mainly due to work load and attending evening class.  But today is exception one as I leaves work on time and made it home by 4.30pm.

Yikes! The weather temperature hit 95 degree today but hey with the air condition and massage chair helps.  Of course, it got better as soon as love came home.  A warm hug, sweet kiss and follows by a glass cold one ah that cool and sweet. 

Couple sips of wine after dinner with classical musical and japanese incense is enough to hit up the environment.  Oh yes! This is it and there is nothing other than great therapy after a long day at work. 

Tips to help manage stress in daily life.

Are You Feeling Stressed?  If you’ve even been stuck in traffic, late getting the kids to school, or exhausted from lack of sleep, chances are you’ve felt stress.  Stress can be triggered by a number of sources.  It may be temping to say life would be better without stress, but stresses are often the things most important to us.  Here ten tips to help manage stress in your daily life.

1. Eat Right – Increase your energy and give your body proper vitamins and minerals by eating fresh fruits, yougurt or raw vegetables instead of chips or cookies.

2. Stretch – Periodic stretching helps to relieve stiff muscles and releases tension.

3. Take a break – Even ten minutes of ‘personal time’ will referesh your mental outlook.

4. Limit caffeine and alcohol and if you smoke, QUIT – It takes extra energy to process chemicals in these substances. Stay hydrated and refreshed by choosing healthy beverages, including water and fresh juices.

5. Visualize success for stressful event and activities, This helps you mentally prepare for the event, For example, athletes visualize every step of a race, from waking in the morning, to dressing, to victory in the race itself.

6. Exercise – Integrating regular exercise into you life relieves stress and enchances overall health.

7. Plan for the next day the night before – Update your To-Do list for the next day before you leave work.  You’ll save time in the morning and are less likely to forget the important details.

8. Monitor your breathing – Take deep slow breaths to increase oxygen supply throughout your body when feel stressed or anxious.

9. Get at least seven to eight hours or sleep every night – A well-rested mind offers better decision making when problems arise.

10. Improve your overall health – An unhealthy lifestyle makes you more vulnerable to stress.  Being in good health makes you better equipped to tackle challenges successfully, thereby reducing stress.

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That’s the way to do it.

Yes, it’s true and Jim Cramer is absolutely correct.  Jim who is the host of Mad Money program on CNBC has been a great asset for trader like us.  His advice is ‘Do the researches before you purchase the stock and do not let your stock sit in your account for a long time’. 

Set a target of the profit margin and when it hit then sell it right away. This is the best way to get the easy $$$ boo yah! too yah!

Special Thanks to my sweetie and Jim for the great advise and guidance.

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Special Day 25th August!

With the hectic working schedule and only weekend we would able to spend quality time together.  But this weekend is a special one.  This is because today is my sweetie brithday and in additional he is at home and not travelling. 

A long, passionate kiss on Friday midnight when the clock tick right on 12mid night. Then follow by wishing him ‘Happy Birthday’ and gave him the greeting card and presents.  Whoops one of his present did not come on time and according to Amazon and I should receive sometime next week. 

Then I picked up a mini cake and delicious cream puffs from one of the famous cake house “La Patisserie’ at Stevens Creeks Blvd. We had dinner at home and had a great time.  Also SMS Julia who is my sister in-law as she got the same birthday with my love.  She is my hubby twin sister. 

Yes! he deserved it.

Feeling so good after I heard a friend of my told me that my former District Manager has been demoted to Account Manager.  Woo it was a huge demotion for him from DM to AM yuck!  Furthermore he has been in that position for more than 10 years. 

I knew him 15years ago when I worked in Penang branch and he is the one who transffered me to SFO branch.  However, I see his true color after he changed his words after verbally agreed to allow me to renew my working permit for another term. 

But after he received the renewal papers from my attorney he not ONLY let the papers sit on his desk collecting dusts for weeks then wait until the very last minute he called me to his office and told me that he can’t sign the documents.  With the reasons he can’t promise a position for another term due to current economy crisis.   Well, I do not understand why he verbally agreed at first and with that l paid my attorney USD2,000.00 to work on my renewal papers. And now, he changed his words!  He can’t give me a good answer when I ask him WHY he verbally agreed to me earlier?

My dark day begin as I wasted two thousand dollars to 5pages papers which will going to be trash. In additional, I am going to be a  jobless in 3 weeks ahhh how sad and painful to deal with these.

These leave me with no choice but to let my boy friend who l just knew him about 3 months old.  I told him what had happened and we will have long distant relationship instead.  Because I  can’t afford to leave here without income.  The first question he asked me ‘Who is going to take care of me here!’ Then he asked me to wait for his return as he is on his business trip. 

On the following day around 11am and I received a call at work.  My sweetie asked me to take half day off as he just landed SFO airport and will meet me at home.  How sweet and genuine he is to leave his conference early to support me when I am in trouble and needed him the most. 

He took me to San Francisco City Hall and we got married at 2pm on 8th September 2003 with no preparation but this is no different then fairy tale.  Both of us stood in the middle of City Hall and holding hand in front of judge then each one of us committed our vow and said ” I, DO’ with passionate kiss gees this is sweetest things and unforgetable moment in my life. It still very fresh in my mind. 

Although we got married license and I still can’t work until l receive the employment authorization which is after 2months.  During these 2months and I enjoying life as lady of pleasure such as wake up, gym, drive around,  shopping, travelling and trading. But I learned a great deal with this bitter sweet experiences which is NO verbally agreement with the management even I respect and trust him/her.  It should has been written confirmation to avoid things like this.

We were happily married and I am glad my hushand is a good, kind, sweet, loving person.  He is the one who non stop encourage me back to school and lift me up to next level.  He truly special and the one and only that I ever know…he is my best friend, lover, darling and My Pinky pie.  Thank God I found the right man and forgive the looser manager as he lead me to that path.  Well, hate to hear about his demotion but I think he totally deserved it.

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A comfort food with a kick and that’s I call dessert.

Woke up in the lazy afternoon and we both do not know what to have for lunch.  Thus my love drives around and we end up in Campbell City.  It’s amazing such a small city and we notice only a street with shop lots and restaurants.  I am not sure how they can survive on their business traffic. 

Anyway we both statisfy with the meal and especially with a good dessert ‘Butterscoth Bread pudding’ ahh warm apple raisin bread pudding topped with butterscoth bourbon sauce & vanilla ice cream. Can you tell me who can resist this!

Unreasonable expectation

The phrase ‘Mission accomplished’ sounds great but I am still suffering back ache, my legs and feet hurts and sore as stand too long.  Came into work at 6am today and thought that I will have additional time to follow up on my project but hey it wasn’t the case.  The folk from Management walk in office and told me that he need help and again he want the task to complete in the same day ahhhgg

Of course, I am not happy as he constantly request things without an advance notice or deadline but he need it the sameday.  However,  I loved the challenging task and my principle is to do it!  Thus I focused on his project instead and managed to complete in 4hrs.  

Gees, this unreasonable expectation really drives me nuts!

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Grown up whiners!

I can’t believe as a Senior Manager and yet being so whining.  What a shame…since I took over her project and notice that she keeps picking on me with simple reasons.  I received her email this morning and copy my manager as she is complaining about my signature of email footer because she notice that my name appear to be purple in color. 

Oh boy! What is her problems is she have nothing to do by keeps picking on me? My email to her customer aren’t legal issue and it shouldn’t matter.  Even a huge coorperation such as Cisco Systems doesn’t care and why Google does?

And when I try to ping her this morning and guess what she sign off her IM immediately without respond and that’s rude and low.  For such a person and I have NO NO NO respect regardless she had 4.0 from top teer University.  Bottom line she no different with a ‘Bully’.

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