Since I came back on 09.29 and I notice that somber mood in my family very significantly.  Very stressful as trying to get more information from him before he leave us.  His condition is getting worst thus makes his eyes hardly open and can’t move his limbs.  In additional he depends on oxygen tank to support his breathing. 

I am glad and proud that I still remember how to pray ‘Hail Mary’ in Hakka though and hopefully my pray may help him.  Anyway, the somber mood hits me this early evening when I sat on the couch and my tear drop.  I was originally plan to heading back to America on 10/07 but I just can’t do this and will plan to to return on 10/20 instead.   

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72hrs sleepless night after a scary midnight called.

I would you says there is no one is looking forward to get a midnight call especially his/her family member is suffering illness. 

Well, I got the million dollar called on 09/26 as my brother/sister told me that Dad’s condition and he wasn’t doing well.  Of course, do not feel good and worrying in the sametime but the one way to discussed with my love for better plan.  Then follow by checking on next available flight home.  Glad managed to get a ticket though but I still unavaible to sleep that night.  Of course, can’t sleep in the plane as long distant and throw out couples time in the plane.  Now, I can see the airsick bag is truly useful.

Made it in Penang 09.29 @ 1pm and managed to see Dad but the weather seems not coorperate and raining.  That’s makes me even sadder as he look very tired and hardly open his eyes. 

Glad my brother/sister told me about this news thus I make it here in Penang and see him in time but till now after 72hrs and I still in shock and can’t sleep even took two doze of sleeping pill. 

Fall has arrived.

Is amazing time flies and today is the first day of autumn AKA fall 2007.  With that means it time to put the summer wears aside and replaced with fascinating fall clothing, boots and decorations. 

The smells of spices everywhere, nice cold weather temperature, day light saving end, fall quarter begin, those leafs turn yellow then fall on the ground, bonus, seasons holidays, sitting near to the fire place and sipping wine and so much more begin with this season.

Obviously, retails stores look forward on this season as they can make more $ as those consumer busy spending. And yes, I am one of the spender as well but I spend smart:) I liked to decorate my home and work place according to season and this is one of my hobbies besides listening to classical music.

Let’s dance…

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Wonderful Moment!

Yes, I woke up with a smile and feeling great because my love is on his way back from Europe.  Although, we in touch daily while his is on his business trip but nothing compare if I am in his arms.  Just love to be with him especially after long day at work and school. 

I am glad that manager allowed me to take a long lunch today so that I can pick him up @ SFO Airport. It’s always my pleasure to pick him up from airport and I feel so good as soon as I saw him.  Of course, need to pull aside so that he can load his baggages to my trunk but first thing first his warm hug and passionate kiss just blow me away. It can last longer but unfortunately the traffic police doesn’t allow us to do so.

Why don’t they understand?

It has been a very annoying experience for me lately to deal with those ‘friends’ who visiting USA.   The weird things are some of them and I don’t even know them well. They will just find the way to reach me from my family in Malaysia.

After met them for lunch/dinner and I will need to pay for the entire bill including his co-worker where I just know them.  And today is another ‘friend’ who arrived SFO and she emailed me 2days ago and wants to meet me.  Well, she do not email me the rest of the time unless she want to meet me oh well.  Although, my love still on his business trip and I should have to time to meet up with her but I choose to spend my time in the bubble bath for relaxation rather. 

Enough is enough, they have to understand and respect my privacy.  I am not their banker nor entertainer and I have NO time for all that crap. I do not need those ‘friends’ to contact me when they need me.  Those aren’t call friends!

Differences:-In America we do not meet people at home unless you know them well nor open the front door wide in day time but in Asia it just happend opposite. 

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Poor posture can lead to back trouble.

Yes! It is important to consider the position that we hold our body in how we sit or stand.  Thought these posture reminders are useful:-

  • Sit with your hips all the way back in the chair and scoot in to the desk
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor or footrest
  • Using telephone headset if necessary
  • Use a documents or copy holder to prop up the documents to reduce bending the neck down
  • Arrange frequently used items within easy reach
  • Seating – Chair Adjustment includes seat height, seat length, avoid low-riding, lumbar support, armrests.
  • Monitor -Adjust the distant (Move the monitor forward or back so you can read the monitor and keep your head lined up over your shoulders)
  • Reduce bending the neck
  • Glare – Position the monitor so it is perpendicular to the window and if sun shines brightly in your office at certain times of the day, close the blinds to reduce glare.
  • Keyboard and Mouse – High, Low or Tilted (Shoulder are relaxed/down, upper arms by your side and elbows are bent from 110 to 90 degree

Tips:-  Take a quick break by

  1. Stand and walk at least every hour to give your back break from sitting and stimulate the circulation in the legs.
  2. Rest or gently stretch two to three times per hour.
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Expected and yet worries!

I am sad and worries after I called Dad last night.  From his voice and the way he speaks and I can tell he is getting weak already…

He has been battling cancer disease three years ago.  It begins with thyroid then follow by back bones and knees,  it was a wild ride for him from surgery to theraphy and it just a rocky road for his as well as everyone at home.  Although he is in terminated condition but he still denied accepting the fact by saying he twisted his knee and that’s causing the pain.  Morphine has been a great relief for him and he took 5times a day.

Understood the day may come and yet I begin to worries especially after communicate with him.  Perhaps I can made it home to see him next month. 

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My 4th Wedding Anniversary

It’s simple and yet comforting! Four year today and still I pray, and Thank to the Lord up above for sending me my true love.  The love I feel for him will always be true.  And with him by my side I have no need to hide but stand up tall instead. 

No matter how long we have been married amd I will do my part, to make each and every day as wonderful as those that gone away. 

He is kind, sweet, warm, smart, understanding, sharing joy, blue eyes and so perfect.  In additional he is also modest and have great personality.  He make my life complete and our love can’t beat.  And having him with me, I know we were meant to be and I even decided to be with him after our first date 03/15/2003.

Our theme song of this Anniversary is the classic ‘You are so beautiful to me’ by Joe Cocker

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can’t you see
Your everything I hoped for
Your everything I need
You are so beautiful to me

Such joy and happiness you bring
Such joy and happiness you bring
Like a dream
A guiding light that shines in the night
Heavens gift to me
You are so beautiful to me

Think! Before you ask your questions…

Slow down and think first before you pop up your question whether it is appropriate or not!  This is important because with that will cause un-pleasant interaction and lead people to see the low side of you.  

I just can’t believe why people aren’t think prior asked their question though…I would agree all money/personal related questions are very sensitive especially below:-

  • How much $ you have in your bank account
  • How old are you
  • How many share you won on this stock?    

Well,  It is common for people to nosy on things like that but I can guarantee there is no one would like to publish his/her details to outsider especially to the strenger.  It even worst when the question asked in front of people.

Seriously, and I do not want to hear any one especially folks from work ask me about this anymore.  Otherwise, I will be blunt to answer ‘MYOB’

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Malaysia considers switch to Islamic law…What’s up with that?

I normally do not care about the politics regardless domestic or international but I found disturb when  I came accross ‘Malaysia considers switch to Islamic law’ news. Well, it is obvious this day will come but just matter of time but looks like it going to happen soon. 

The chief justice(Ahmad Fairuz), told an Islamic conference in Kuala Lumpur that 50years of indepence had failed to free Malaysia from the ‘cluthes of colonialism’. Sharia law should be ‘infused’ into the gaps created by abolishing common law, he said.

Sharia deals with many aspects of day-to-day life, including politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, hygiene, and social issues

As the nation in south-east Asia celebrate 50 years of indepence’Merdeka’ from Britain yesterday 08/31, it’s government was preparing to discuss a plan that would revolutionise the legal system put in place by its former colonial admistrators.

Hardline Islamic law could be introduced across Malaysia under reforms proprosed by country’s chief justice. 

It absolutely lead the residents there who are non-Muslim such as Chinese and India communities, who form forty percent of the population, are alarmed at the creeping Islamisation. 

I am tired and exhausted with all the crap and all I can say is ‘Good luck’ to you folks!