Two after shock’s quakes hit the following day!

It’s Halloween’s day and everyone dressing up pretty, spooky and of course each individual busy to talk about their experiences the earthquarke last night.  Of course, there will be expected an after shock quake though

Well, it happened the following day at 2.55pm @ 2.78mag and another one at 4pm @ 3.55mag.

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5.6 Magtinude shakes the valley at 8.04pm (PST)

Moderate quake rattles Bay Area on Tuesday night @ 8.04pm (PST). The quake’s epicenter was about 5 miles north-northeast of Alum Rock, California, and nine miles northeast of San Jose City Hall, the USGS said.  Thank God there is no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

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Yes! a perfect trip with the purpose.

Yes, I made it back to America after spent 3weeks with my family in Penang, Malaysia. The trip went well accept need to deal with the corrupted policeman, black mail and bad meals on the plane of course.

Obviously, I need more time to adjust to my local time as for now 3+am and I am still fully awake writing this blog though but no matter what I love the weather here especially next to my love. 

Still remember the moment I got the scary mid night call from Penang regarding dad’s seriously ill and did not sleep for the whole night then get on the next available flight to Penang on 09/28.

Landed Penang on 09/29 and still managed to take care of Dad for 3days.  I do not mind the sleepless night and it all worth it.  Managed to give me a wonderful and comfortable moment such as feeding him, changing diaper, give him medication, pray and talk with him.  I feel very comforting especially I saw he is touching the blanket that I brought him even his eyes hardly open.  Then eight of us witness his last breath while we were praying for him. 

Is amazing that as soon as his passing and each one of us being so knowledgeble to play our part to move the furniture around and cover the mirror with white papers. And within 2hrs the bell from Church is rung and I obtained his death certificate already.  Then the fellow Christian came to pray for him in English and Mandarin.  Also relatives and friends sending him lots of flowers. What a co-incident that the band plays Dad’s favorite music which is the theme of ‘The Spirit of Love’ on the funeral day. 

In additional, I am lucky enough that my company allow me to extend my time off although there are under staffs.  Thus I managed to spent additional 2weeks with Mom and help her to tossed, organized her stuffs and also accompany her.  I understand 2weeks wasn’t enough but this is the best I can do at this time. 

It’s hard to deal with!

It’s true! we as human just live in this world for temporary only.  When the time’s  up and God will call and lead the individual to the place that suppose to be.  Dad has gone for nine days but still hard for me to face the fact.

Anyway, I am glad that I made it back to Penang on 09/29 and still managed to take care of Dad for couples day.  Feed, talk and pray for him for about 3days and it’s all worth it.  I brought him the blanket ‘throw’ and cologne gees I feel so comforting by looking at him touching the gift even he can’t move by himself. 

During his last breath and we light up the candle by praying and telling him that ‘This is the light of God and to lead him to the new place, Jesus will hold his right hand and Mother Mary will hold his left hand.  Also we tell him to let go if his time’s up.  Also had granny blessing too and he took his last breath 1.10pm on 10/02 and eight of us by his side.  I am sure the light will lead him to the new world. 

As soon as he passed away, all my uncle and aunt help to move the funiture in our house. And within 2hrs all thing set up probably including obtain death certificate.  Woo it seems well arrange and this kind of coorperation just wonderful. 

I am still here in Penang and trying to talk and keep Mom occupied. Because she need more time to accept the fact and same to all of us but the sadness hit her the most.  Is hard to watch her when she woke up early morning and do nothing.   Because she normally prepare breakfast then his madication. 

I am very happy that my company allowed me to extend my time off as much time as I wants but I do not feel easy.  This is because my love is back to USA and I miss him very much.  There is no comparison even with phone call, email and IM.  Because I love and miss his touch, hug and kiss in person. 

Dad has dies 10/02 @ 1.10pm

Dad has dies peacefully on 10/02 @ 1.10pm and he is 70 years(+3).  And he leave behind our Mom, three children with 1 daugther in-law, 2 sons in-law and 4 grandchilrens.  As his wish and will burried him at the Catholic cemmentary on 10/06 after 3pm mass at Holy Name of Jesus Church.

R.I.P. Dad’s and you will be missed and here you go the ‘Hail Mary’ pray that you asked for..

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.




Corrupted world!

In deeds, the third world countries full of corrupted activities.  And it happended to me this afternoon while I drove to purchase something without driver license and identification card in Penang.  Two police man stopped me then pull me aside.  Well, this is my first time to have ‘Police’ pull me aside after I got my driver license for more then 20 years.  Although I am afraid of police but I am calm then apologize to them. 

The police man asked me where am I from because he said I wasn’t look like Chinese.  He told me that he will he should fine me of RM550.00 (no driver license = RM300.00, no ID = RM250.00) he threthen me that going to take me to police station. However, there is another way to settle the case to resolve the issue instead by paying him a little fee.   

Gees, I am pissed as I notice their uniform have a note ‘Anti-corruption’ and yet he act like this.  Thus I permission to call my aunt to bring $10 note for me as I can’t give them my $50.00.  I gave them $30.00 and he accept and asked me to slot into his book so that others will not see it. 

As soon I gave them the money and they allow me to go ahead and drive even without license and ID.  Well,  I told them off that I do not want to see them again.  Guess what he saids ‘Yes’ to me. 

What a shame to act like this!  Anyway, I have the officer name and I will write a note to the headquarter about this incident.   

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