Corrupted world!

In deeds, the third world countries full of corrupted activities.  And it happended to me this afternoon while I drove to purchase something without driver license and identification card in Penang.  Two police man stopped me then pull me aside.  Well, this is my first time to have ‘Police’ pull me aside after I got my driver license for more then 20 years.  Although I am afraid of police but I am calm then apologize to them. 

The police man asked me where am I from because he said I wasn’t look like Chinese.  He told me that he will he should fine me of RM550.00 (no driver license = RM300.00, no ID = RM250.00) he threthen me that going to take me to police station. However, there is another way to settle the case to resolve the issue instead by paying him a little fee.   

Gees, I am pissed as I notice their uniform have a note ‘Anti-corruption’ and yet he act like this.  Thus I permission to call my aunt to bring $10 note for me as I can’t give them my $50.00.  I gave them $30.00 and he accept and asked me to slot into his book so that others will not see it. 

As soon I gave them the money and they allow me to go ahead and drive even without license and ID.  Well,  I told them off that I do not want to see them again.  Guess what he saids ‘Yes’ to me. 

What a shame to act like this!  Anyway, I have the officer name and I will write a note to the headquarter about this incident.   

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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