The Best Time of the year…

There is something special around this time of year and it’s ‘Season Holidays’.  Christmas time is time to share our love and no doubts it the best time of the year.  of course, the delicious peppermint eggnog is something to die for.  Yes, there are so many things going on though especially carolling, giving, partying, shopping and so much more!

 Yep, We did not go for Black Friday sales but stay home for decorating our house and lawn instead.  The pretty season lighthing around the house is one of our neighborhoods traditions and each house has their own style. 

I love and enjoy to see everyone in morning breeze with winter clothing and boots.  Of course, relax next to love near the fire place after a long day at work and school also is one of the cozy and romantic spot to turn on…

Black Friday Retail Rush

Can you believe a Dell laptop with printer only usd299.00?  That’s right and it happend today especially for early bird.  Is good for consumers to grab the deep discount as for retail stores open as early as they could to get more business. 

Well, we aren’t crazy on the madness sales though knowing it will be clouded everywhere.  But though I must admit that I do shopped online. 

Thanksgiving 2007

A day to be Thankful and grateful to the people around you!  I can’t thankful enough to found my true love and blue eyes.  And he is the one who none stop and makes me feel very secure and safe.  He is the one and the only My Lovely Pinky Pie.

The taste of comfort meal and pies is a traditional style in America.  Most of the retail stores open half day or even close for the whole day.  As for us we are lucky to enjoy the long holidays weekend together. 

We spend our quality time together.  He prepared the meal and I wash the dish ahh is just wonderful!  Of course nothing can compare a sip of wine in the dim lighting near the fire place with soft music.  Can you imagine?  Hu la la… 

But this year we celebrate a little different as dad passed away last month.  I am so grateful that I made it home to take care of Dad before he passing on.  The sleepless night to care of him, talk and pray for him during his final moment just makes me feel so comforting.  And I’ll cherish that forever and ever. 

I am The Winner of Google Cafe Crawl.

The huge giant culinary world ‘Bon Appetit’ has been a contractor in Google land since Google exist.  From six grown to seventeen cafe now in Google Headquater.  Each cafe have their unique environment and specialties to provide gourmet meal to fellow employee to enjoy their meal as much as they could.

Early this month Bon Appetit came out with a contest ‘Google Cafe Crawl’ and it’s open to everyone in Google MTV.  The participant must get the stamp while meal serve (breakfast, lunch & dinner) from the seventeen cafe. Then will qualify to get the ticket to list down the top three cafe that individual love. Follow by the committees will draw the raffle for the ten winners.  The lucky winners will enjoy a special front line pass and it valid for 2weeks 12/01 – 12/05 and also a dinner by Chef Chris Herrera.

In deed, I am one of  the winner of the contest as I receive an email just now ‘Congratulations Cafe Crawl Winners’.  The dinner will be held at The Lunchbox on 10th Jan 2008 at 6pm.

I am certainly looking forward…

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Lost in the dark!

Tired, exhausted and confused that’s how I feels lately at my work environment. I do not looking forward to work anymore.  Especially after I learn that the new comer in our team actually got special treatment even he hasn’t start yet!  In additional, some the team member has begin their genius ideal to plan and give him certain project already.  Oh boy.. how can that be and how long much longer must I dealing with this winner?

There is no doubt that I feels uncomfortable as knowing that the fairness wasn’t there and no longer looking for an answer Why!  And I am bright enough to move on.  Probably, is time to take a change by travelling around with love or accompany mom for a while then start my own business.     

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It’s too late now!

I can’t believe Dad passed away for 49days now.  With that mean I will stop wearing blue, black, white and gray clothing anymore but with the brighter color rather.  Of course, in our heart we are still mourn the loss of him but in Chinese customs either we stop mourn him by 49days or 100days.  After discussed with mom and sister and we decided to change our clothing on the 49days. 

Yeah but I feel awkward today as I begin to put in the brighter top from now onwards.  I feel very emotional sometime when I sat alone or look back the past.  That’s lead to me think that is too late now to say ‘I Love You’

Many times we do not really concentrate or feel grateful what we had and just take it easy.  By the time we realize we want to do more things for the individual and most of the time is too late because he/she no longer with us. 

Because of the ‘low self-esteem’ & lead her to be a bully!

It is very frustrating to deal the individual who has ‘low self-esteem’ and especially dealing with her everyday.  Her attitude and controlled just drives everyone nuts.  No matter, how hard I work and contribute on her project and I will still receive her unpleasant email where my manager included as well.  What’s up with that!   

Just do not understand what she needs though ‘A man’ or… anyway I thought below chorus just perfect for her 

How long, how long
Woman, will you weep?
How long, how long
Rock yourself to sleep 

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It must be the weather!

It has been a few days now that both of us don’t feel good.  The annoying headache, back aching and nose congested are attacking us.  Even, Emergency C and Ibuprofens doesn’t seem help.  I am glad my love decided to cancelled his International trip this morning. 

Malaysia biggest anti-govermment street protest

Police fired tear gas today to disperse hundreds of activists demanding electoral refoams in Malaysia biggest anti-govermment street protests in nearly a decade.

The demonstrators were stopped by police cordon near a mosque in central Kuala Lumpur as they tried to march to a square.  Police estimated the crowds at between 10,000 and 30,000.

They demanded the removal of phatom voters from electoral rolls, a crackdown on govemment workers using absentee ballots, access to state-controlled media by all political parties and an end to vote-buying and other irregularities. 

The protest was the biggest since supporters of former deputy Minister Anwar Ibrahim took to the streets for several days in September 1998 to protest his dismissal by then-leader Mahatir Mohamad.