It’s too late now!

I can’t believe Dad passed away for 49days now.  With that mean I will stop wearing blue, black, white and gray clothing anymore but with the brighter color rather.  Of course, in our heart we are still mourn the loss of him but in Chinese customs either we stop mourn him by 49days or 100days.  After discussed with mom and sister and we decided to change our clothing on the 49days. 

Yeah but I feel awkward today as I begin to put in the brighter top from now onwards.  I feel very emotional sometime when I sat alone or look back the past.  That’s lead to me think that is too late now to say ‘I Love You’

Many times we do not really concentrate or feel grateful what we had and just take it easy.  By the time we realize we want to do more things for the individual and most of the time is too late because he/she no longer with us. 

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