I am The Winner of Google Cafe Crawl.

The huge giant culinary world ‘Bon Appetit’ has been a contractor in Google land since Google exist.  From six grown to seventeen cafe now in Google Headquater.  Each cafe have their unique environment and specialties to provide gourmet meal to fellow employee to enjoy their meal as much as they could.

Early this month Bon Appetit came out with a contest ‘Google Cafe Crawl’ and it’s open to everyone in Google MTV.  The participant must get the stamp while meal serve (breakfast, lunch & dinner) from the seventeen cafe. Then will qualify to get the ticket to list down the top three cafe that individual love. Follow by the committees will draw the raffle for the ten winners.  The lucky winners will enjoy a special front line pass and it valid for 2weeks 12/01 – 12/05 and also a dinner by Chef Chris Herrera.

In deed, I am one of  the winner of the contest as I receive an email just now ‘Congratulations Cafe Crawl Winners’.  The dinner will be held at The Lunchbox on 10th Jan 2008 at 6pm.

I am certainly looking forward…

By elizascott Posted in Proud

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