Thanksgiving 2007

A day to be Thankful and grateful to the people around you!  I can’t thankful enough to found my true love and blue eyes.  And he is the one who none stop and makes me feel very secure and safe.  He is the one and the only My Lovely Pinky Pie.

The taste of comfort meal and pies is a traditional style in America.  Most of the retail stores open half day or even close for the whole day.  As for us we are lucky to enjoy the long holidays weekend together. 

We spend our quality time together.  He prepared the meal and I wash the dish ahh is just wonderful!  Of course nothing can compare a sip of wine in the dim lighting near the fire place with soft music.  Can you imagine?  Hu la la… 

But this year we celebrate a little different as dad passed away last month.  I am so grateful that I made it home to take care of Dad before he passing on.  The sleepless night to care of him, talk and pray for him during his final moment just makes me feel so comforting.  And I’ll cherish that forever and ever. 

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