New Year Eve

Many time zone of the world already begin celebrating the New Year such as Australia, Hong Kong and Europe. There is so much to do in San Francisco on New Year Eve.  It will be hard to make a choice from a restaurant meal, cruises around the bay, watching fireworks, or attending a symphony concert.

But we choose to celebrate the New Year Eve at home to avoid the traffic jam and the craziness outside.  I prefered to stay home together by sipping wine with nice and cozy environment.  Waiting for the 12mid night to give the 1st kiss of the year to my love. 

Best Crab cakes.

crab-cake.jpg Though I must admit this is the best crab cake that I have had for a long long time.  It coated in crunchy Panko breadcrumbs and cooked until crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I would says I do not need the tartar sauce to serve with it even it chef special made.  Just hmm hmm goood!  Although, this dinner a bit pricey with two entrees of Filet Mignon and Grilled Fresh Salmon.  Then follow by dessert ‘Big Mountain chocolate fudge cake’ but is all worth it even the waiter forgot about one of my favorite ‘clam chowder’. 

The last work day of year 2007

It’s a pay day and also just a few hours to en-counting down to wrap up the work day of the year 2007 how exciting!  Of course, it is a slow day for me here at work though because most of the people take the time off in between in order to get the longer holidays weekend.  But hey I am bless that Google close on 12/31 thus I will have a long weekend as well.

Yipeekayay Mamasita!

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I am at the boiling point NOW!

How annoying to get the voice mail in the early morning! I seriously sick and tired to deal with the folks from my home town. They not only bug me via emails, SMS and even used my brother’s cell to left voice mail to me with the reason ‘when can I meet you’.  Uhhgg! Man that drives me to the edge…because this individual do not even say ‘hello’ to me when I was back in Penang in Oct ’07 but for some reason he keeps trying to reach me when he is here in California.   Question to ask ‘Why should I & I don’t think so’?

Well, I met his team (6 of them who I do not know at all) once back in  Jul ’07 for dinner of course I paid for the meal since I make USD.  But again, I just can’t meet them again because I do not want to waste my time & money. There is nothing for us to communicate or discuss though.  In additional, there is no way for me to meet each and every folks who visit here.  I have no reason to & absolutely NOT interested at all.  I just HATED people who KEEPS connect me when he/she needed me and that all I can says ‘Boo Hu’!

I know this statement sounds rude but hey I found the limit of my patience is way over and I am at the boiling point now!  I truly feel distrubed and irritated the way they bug me like this. I will give this individual a piece of my mind if I ever received this kind of email again.

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1st Christmas without Dad

Yeah the holiday cheer this year in deed will not be the same as without Dad this time.  I feel awkward when I called home earlier to wish them Merry Christmas.  But this year I will only pray for Dad instead hai that sad.  I am sure he is in better place now rather than battling the cancer disease. 

Thank God my dearest love who is always here for me.  He always cheer with up and makes me feel so secure and comfort.  I am so glad that we have QT ‘quality time’ together for the long holiday weekend.  There is nothing better than wake up by noon and next to him. 

After Christmas eve dinner and we both just relax and drinking bacardi by the fire place while chatting and also listening to music.  I truly enjoy each moment of it. 

When the clock hit 12mid night and I gave my love a long and passionate kiss and follow by whisper and say ‘Merry Christmas’ my love.  Ah it just great!  Then follow by open the gifts…that’s cool.

Top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2007

This year 2007 was a fascinating one, and  I am looking back at the top 10 most fascinating incident that hit me over last 12months.  It’s includes, influenced, inspired, money, family and good & bad times.

  1. Have my own domain
  2. Begin to start writing my blog
  3. My ex-district manager demoted to Account Manager – Hate to hear it but I guess he deserved it.
  4. Received Rapid Reward on the project that I work on
  5. Celebrate 1st year Anniversary at Google Logistics Team
  6. I got another new Compaq laptop 15.4″ from my love – This is my six laptop in 5 years
  7. Received a scary mid-night call from my family in Malaysia that Dad is very ill – Glad that I made it home to take care of him before he passing on. 
  8. Dad passed away – 2nd Oct @ 1310pm
  9. Penang Police pulled me over as I drove without driving license – I paid RYM 30.00 to resolve it.
  10. I am the winner of the Google Cafe Crawl  


In the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere, the first day of the winter is the day of the year when the Sun is fartherst south on December 22nd. This day is known as the Winter Solstice.

The declination of the Sun on the winter solstice is known as the tropic of capricorn (-23 degree 27″). In the Southern hemisphere, winter as summer solstices are exchanged so that the winter solstice is the day on which the Sun is farthest north.

A common misconception is that the earth is further from the sun in winter than in summer. Actually, the Earth is closest to the sun in December which is winter in the Northen hemisphere.

As the Earth travels around the Sun is it orbit, the north-south position of the Sun changes over the course of the year due to the changing orientation of the Earth’s tilted rotation axes. The dates of maximum tilt of the Earth’s equator correspond to the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, and the dates of zero tilt to the Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox.   

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How about don’t asked?

I guess this is the friendly American way to start the  conversation with other and it begin with questions below but bet you will hear this most especially on Friday and Monday.

  • How’s going?
  • How are you?
  • How’s your weekend?
  • What are you doing?
  • What did you had for dinner last night?
  • What is your plan for the weekend?

Well, regardless he/she know you for ten years or just met you in a minute.  Some people is just their nature to noisy about asking these questions where doesn’t put any value to them at all. 

I personally think these question is OK to asked if you know the person well otherwise ‘Don’t Ask’  because it doesn’t do any good after you hear it the you follow by says ‘Alright’ 

Strongly recormanded to the person who loved to asked to MYOB.

Seriously, I am tired of these people…would they please leave me alone?

I am very sick and tired of those people who keeps bug me as he/she wants to meet with me when they are in town.  Understood, is good to be social especially with the people from my home town but again, I really do not know them well nor have time to meet with them with my hectic schedule. 

Man…I MUST have been busy if I entertain everyone who visit here is U.S.A. though and I asked nothing to them BUT please leave me alone.

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The true meaning of Christmas.

Trees, decorations, gifts and everyone is deep in the season Holidays cheers but no one seems to find out the true meaning of Christmas! 

The historic record of the birth of Christ can  be found in Matthew 1:18-25 & Luke 2:1-20. Unlike any other baby, the one born that night in Bethlehem was unique in all of history.  He was not created by a human father and mother.  He had a heavenly pre-existence.  He is God, the Son – Creaator of the universe.  This is why Christmas is called the incarnation, a word which means ‘in the flesh’.  In the birth of Jesus, the eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing Creator came to earth in the flesh.

Why would God do such a thing? Why would he come as a baby instead appearing in power and majesty? Why make himself true man and live among us, when he knew full well how terribly would be treated? 

It was LOVE!