The true meaning of Christmas.

Trees, decorations, gifts and everyone is deep in the season Holidays cheers but no one seems to find out the true meaning of Christmas! 

The historic record of the birth of Christ can  be found in Matthew 1:18-25 & Luke 2:1-20. Unlike any other baby, the one born that night in Bethlehem was unique in all of history.  He was not created by a human father and mother.  He had a heavenly pre-existence.  He is God, the Son – Creaator of the universe.  This is why Christmas is called the incarnation, a word which means ‘in the flesh’.  In the birth of Jesus, the eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing Creator came to earth in the flesh.

Why would God do such a thing? Why would he come as a baby instead appearing in power and majesty? Why make himself true man and live among us, when he knew full well how terribly would be treated? 

It was LOVE!

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