Top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2007

This year 2007 was a fascinating one, and  I am looking back at the top 10 most fascinating incident that hit me over last 12months.  It’s includes, influenced, inspired, money, family and good & bad times.

  1. Have my own domain
  2. Begin to start writing my blog
  3. My ex-district manager demoted to Account Manager – Hate to hear it but I guess he deserved it.
  4. Received Rapid Reward on the project that I work on
  5. Celebrate 1st year Anniversary at Google Logistics Team
  6. I got another new Compaq laptop 15.4″ from my love – This is my six laptop in 5 years
  7. Received a scary mid-night call from my family in Malaysia that Dad is very ill – Glad that I made it home to take care of him before he passing on. 
  8. Dad passed away – 2nd Oct @ 1310pm
  9. Penang Police pulled me over as I drove without driving license – I paid RYM 30.00 to resolve it.
  10. I am the winner of the Google Cafe Crawl  

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