I am at the boiling point NOW!

How annoying to get the voice mail in the early morning! I seriously sick and tired to deal with the folks from my home town. They not only bug me via emails, SMS and even used my brother’s cell to left voice mail to me with the reason ‘when can I meet you’.  Uhhgg! Man that drives me to the edge…because this individual do not even say ‘hello’ to me when I was back in Penang in Oct ’07 but for some reason he keeps trying to reach me when he is here in California.   Question to ask ‘Why should I & I don’t think so’?

Well, I met his team (6 of them who I do not know at all) once back in  Jul ’07 for dinner of course I paid for the meal since I make USD.  But again, I just can’t meet them again because I do not want to waste my time & money. There is nothing for us to communicate or discuss though.  In additional, there is no way for me to meet each and every folks who visit here.  I have no reason to & absolutely NOT interested at all.  I just HATED people who KEEPS connect me when he/she needed me and that all I can says ‘Boo Hu’!

I know this statement sounds rude but hey I found the limit of my patience is way over and I am at the boiling point now!  I truly feel distrubed and irritated the way they bug me like this. I will give this individual a piece of my mind if I ever received this kind of email again.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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