Magnet Levitating Global

mlgm2.jpgToday, I received the order that I purchase which is magnet levitating globe.  The 8-Inch blue floating world globe looks captivating on a desktop or in a study.  It’s designed to suspend itself based on magnetic repulsion, and will even spin as if in space. This is for my love and hope he like it :)) 

It’s a cold cold winter.

Gees, this winter is just too cold, windy and rains.  It has been rain for the whole day and some of the mountain even has snow though

I felt sorru for the people who don’t have heater at home and the homeless.  How can they survive in this condition?

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What will you do if UTO or OOO!

If you come across unscheduled time off or Out Of Office and the most important thing is to in touch with your immediate manager and also one of your team member to follow up the work.  I guess is your role & responsibilities to do so.

A simple thing and yet complicated to some loser!  One of our team members was out of office as the individual is out sick,  Well, he just did part of the right thing to call his fellow co-worker which is me & left voice mail but I just don’t understand why he did not call his manager.  (with the reason he don’t have his manager #!)  Hmmm Absolutely not bright! what is 411 for…

Honestly, I do not mind to get the voice mail and also forward to my manager but his doesn’t seems understand his role that he need to in touch wuth his manager on this.  Besides, he also spelled out that the reason he contacted me because my manager did the same when he was OOO. However, he did not know that my manager actually also reach out his superior as well.  I guess the fifth grade would able to figure out.

What drives me to the edge was he called me at 4.08am and instructed me to pickup his doctor note but not sure which fax machine located.  Well, I must be smart enough to figure out which machine that the fax will come from.  And when he came in the next day and he asked me where is the doctor notes and when I point the notes to him which is actually on his keyboard and he said ‘OH’  Ahhhgg I have enough with this but I am still surprise to see this kind of material in Google land though

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Disgusting Human Behaviour eh

Why human react differently when they come across ‘Money’?

Pause and think!  There are so many thing can be proof and even 3years old kid may tell you what is money for.  Though I must say the behaviour of human instantly change from innocent to bad and ugly. 

I’ve gone through many painful experience especially last year even before my dad funeral.  Seeing my family member did a very bad act because of money. 

Okay let’s figure this out…
Individual A bought a second house and invited individual B to spend a holiday or relax there.  However, one of the family members from individual B is claiming all the expenses from A.  Is this makes sense? 

Well, for the people who changed because of ‘Money’ I hope and wish they wake up quick from their fantasy world before they drop lower.  And of course to redeem themselve quick to enjoy the peace and joy.   

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25hours a day

There are so much to do, learn and I wish I have 25hrs a day to gain more new things.  Seriously with my hectic schedule and I basically have 4 1/2 hours sleep on week days.

My day begin with 3.30am for my self pace study until 5.45am then start work from 7am – 4pm and follow by evening classes until 8pm. I guess it good in the way that keep me busy and stay out of trouble.

The winner at a losing game!

Year 2007 was a bad year for me because of our family tragedy as I lost two family members that I loved. Dad passed away in Oct 07 and I also lost my brother as well. 

He was a nice individual before he got married and was a person who down to the earth and carrying for us especially for our parent.  But he changed after he got his own family.  In several occasions and my sister and I caught his trashy wife and his horibble acts even before Dad’s funeral.  Their dishonest, disrespect, ego and so much more is enough to turn us off. 

I am shock and frustrating to listen and watch things about him.  And I just wonder it’s our parent mistake to give him all the properties (Dad’s business and house)? Not forgetting that the house and each family member contribute and chip in from our piggy bank and now is belongs to him.  Man…

Honestly, my sister and I can care less on the properties issues because we are way in good shape and independent compare to him. But I just hate to see our relationship fall apart like this.  Well, he may be the winner now but he definately at a losing game. 

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Special Dinner at The Lunch Box Cafe


Yes, indeed I am lucky enough to be one of the winners of the cafe crawl contest. Besides the front of the line pass for two weeks and I am also treated a Special gourmet dinner at my choice of cafe.

Dinner started at 6pm which is later than I am usually at work, but it was worth to wait. I was in the mood of chardonnay and champagme thus that were my drink of the night. The friendly waiter keeps top up my glass thus and hence makes me a little dizzy and obviously it over my limit. But I am home safe.

I truly enjoyed the whole course of the meal and it just top of the world. Here are the menu of the night.

  1. Salmon Tartar a la Douglas
  2. Butternut Squash Soup Meets Risotto
  3. Fennel and Blood Orange Salad
  4. Seared Petit Sirloin with Dungeness Crab Salad
  5. Tangerine Sorbet amd Pomegranate Granita

Thank you Chef Chris and Doug.

International CES 2008

That’s right it’s the annual International Consumer Electronics Show 2008 once again held in Las Vegas from 7th – 10th January 2008. With more than four decades of success, the International CES reaches across global markets, connect the industry and enables CE innovations to grow and thrive.

The International CES is produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the preeminent trade association promoting growth in the consumer technology industry.

Some of the highlights from CES 2008 are:-

  • Toshiba ‘dissapoited’ in HD DVD decision by Warner Bros.
  • Sony : Skype coming to PSP this month
  • Panasonic 150″ flat panel TV
  • All-in-one budget home theater systems
  • 5-megapixel Samsung camera phone
  • 2-new Toshiba flat-panel LCDs
  • Camcorder gets wet, keeps
  • Nokia Music Store to launch in U.S.
  • A trio of stylish Samsung shooters
  • Rhapsody-ready protable video player
  • Make movie with the Moto Z10
  • Intel, AMD toss in their chips

Very curious to hear more details and see more pictures from my love as he is there for the show. I am truly proud of him My Lovely Pinky pie.

What Next?

Gosh I am getting tired to watch and listen about her news lately because there is nothing to impress but bummer.  Just wonder how long she can survive in this situation?   As we can see she was a very pure and sweet pop star since 1998 with the hit music ‘Baby One MoreTime’ until now.  And her bombshell just hit one after another such as…

  1. Broke up with Justin T 
  2. Caught driving with her 5 years son on her lap
  3. Top Chat in 1998 – Baby One More Time
  4. 55hrs marriaged with her cousin Alex
  5. Marriaged her dancer Kevin F with 2kids
  6. New do – shaved her head / Tatoo
  7. Rehab – check out within 24hrs
  8. May 2007 – San Diego – half of her show was lip singing
  9. Wild explore – No panty 
  10. Night out – Smoke / drinking / hit and run / hand out with wrong people  

There are so much more about her weird behaviour that published on the web or from the news but I really hope everyone especially the Media World SHOULD give a chance to help her to redeem herself in order to recover from the lowest bottom point.    Of course, it depends to her whether is she going awake from her fantacy world or not.  Otherwise, What Next!  

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It has been a few days now that I am still fighting with cold.  Of course, with the coughing, runing nose, watery eyes and sore throat is enough to makes me uncomfirtable.  Accordingly to weather forecast there will be couple storms will hit our area too.  Well, I will definatelly stay warm and get well soon.

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