Does web rating on restaurant real?

I doubt it.

If you are craving for particular food then you will have to go to ‘The Cuisine’ where there have their specialties to prepare the meal for statisfaction. 

It was the top rating between 8 – 9.5 out of total 10 point for this Malaysian Cuisine. But after we had dinner there I would rate it as 5 at the most.  It wasn’t our first time there though and I remembered the first time it doesn’t give us the wow to us.  Well,  after a year bacause of the top rating on the web thus we went back there hmm it still the same with no wow factor to us. 

Here are some of  the examples:-

  1. Roti Chanai ==> Tough like rubber band
  2. Rendang Chicken ==> Tasteless
  3. Pandan Chicken ==> Dry, Hard & Salty

It aslo leads me to think that does web rating real or the restaurant just follow the local demand? I would says Singaporean/Straits Cafe can cook better Malaysian meal for sure.

Also,  It just funny to see the waitress wearing the Malaysian attire ‘Sarung’ along with tennis shoes! ahhggg 

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