Super Bowl weekend!

Super Bowl weekend comes second after Thanksgiving of American over eats.  Super Bowl weekend foods includes chips, salsa, popcorn, sub, Buffalo wings, beer and soda are the most popular snack for the fans while watching the match.  Some people even take a day off on the following Monday to recover the rest. 

Oh well, I am not into this kind of activities though

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You Snooze, You Lose.

A very true phrase ‘if you snooze you lose’ in this never sleep world.  This company begins 14 years ago with Internet business and now faces the fate of many other iconic Silicon Valley companies – take over bait.

Although, Microsoft get the bid with $44.6 billion and I don’t think they can compete with Google because they are commanding led in the advertisement.  Google only 9years old and already well knowns around the world with good analyst and strategy. 

In additional, neither YHOO nor MSFT did a good job on ad-wards for the past and I doubt there will be a different in the future.