Ba-da Bing, Ba-da Boom! that’s Italian cuisine


As usual we woke up in the lazy afternoon and we both are craving for food.  Whoops we end up in Fremont, too bad no luck for Claim Jumper as full house.  Thus we decided to Carino’s Italian Grill instead. 

The atmosphere is very cozy and nice especially with the friendly waitress.  We were place at the nice spot then follow by a loaf of rosemary bread with good quality of olive oil and garlic.  Gees, we loved the bread and the menu looks good too.  My love ordered combo plate which includes their signature lasagna, parmesan chicken and pasta with marinara sauce.  I chose ‘Fire Shrimp pasta’ with fresh shrimp, green bell pepper and garlic creamy sauce.

It was a very satifying meal and it’s all worth it.  Not forgetting the big portion too and that lead us to have no room for dessert although I will never miss dessert out on our meal.         


People often spent too much time and energy to dig others business in regards of work matters or personal issues. Some of them even volunteer to tell me their issues.  Hmm do I cares! Gees,  I just don’t understand why? And that’s lead me to think aren’t have something else to do!

I am the person who do not like to talk much especially in the morning but concentrate on what I do.  Unfortunately, teases and talks will constantly hits me and that drives me nuts ugh.

Seriously, I do not mind to share with the individual in regards of what I had for dinner last night if I know them well. Though I still wish people may just ‘MYOB’ and leave me alone please.

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Easter 2008


Yes, Easter is a beautiful thing as the almighty God is raised!  We should always remember and thankful as we are exist.  Easter celebration is a very meaingful for me especially since I found my love. 

The magic of him just makes me be better than I was and more than I am.  Of course, I am stronger than ever + happy and free. 

Also, the rabbit just adorable as is it and it will be me whenever he travel for business ah that nice.

It’s Spring

Birds singing, cows mooing and you can see more Juan and Jose standing on the street and ready to do any backyard work. Oh yes, the spring began 2days ago.  What that means is we can see the lovely colorful flowers in our garden and we might listen to some folk begin sneeze and cough as allergy attack or for whatever reasons might be.  But I do hope they manage to cover their mouth when they sneezing or coughing though

In spring weather I don’t need to wear jacket however I do need my music ‘iPod Nano’ with me.  Thus lead me to think about hats and I found it at Google Search with the url

Loved the design, color and especially it has velcro closures inside the hat band to keep the headphone cables tucked away.  It’s just perfect for me with this convenience feature.  Of course, with the reasonable price and quick delivery too.

I got my last year and Have you?


Yep, Morose is the right world to describe that I am now. Little tiny things may trigged my sensitivities though

I feel very irritating when those twit who sit on my left and right that IM each other and follow by laughing. And I seriously do not want to know what are they communicating nor I cares BUT if they can pipe down that will be great.

I am so glad and lucky as My Love is always there to clear off the dust for me. Thank you and you are loved.

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It’s has been 5years already!

Wow it’s has been 5 years that I know him!  That’s right 5 years today it was my first date with very successful gentlement who name is Rob Scott.  He is kind enough to drive all the way from South Bay to San Francisco to meet with me.  The moment I opened the door and I saw a very handsome gentlemen with his sparkling blue eyes in black jacket. I just do not know how to describe but I am seeing him is my ‘Mr. Right’.  He even looks around my in-law apartment although it’s small though…

Then we walk along the Ocean Beach and took some pictures as well then we have lunch at Rain Forest.  The more I communicate with him and the more butterflies flying on my stomach.  He is a wonderful and easy to connect individual.

I am so glad that we met and he is not ONLY my best friend, mentor but the love of my life.  My world begins brighter and meaningful since I know him and 15th March means a lot to me.

Thank you Jesus for sending the true love to me. 


I can’t get enough to encourage people surrounded me to get started to write the ‘BLOG’ but wasn’t successful.  Blog is another element for individual to documented the details regardless good or bad time.  I personally think it is a great practice for us to exercise blog especially we can look back or share with others our experiences.  As of December 2007, there are total of 112 million blogs are published.

So what is ‘Blog’ and why so many of us begin blogging!  Anyway, blog is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.  “Blog” can also be as a verb meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.  Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particulars subject or others function as more personal online diaries.  A typical blog combine text, images and links to other blogs, web pages, and media related to its topic.  The ability for readers to leave a comment in an interactive format part of many blogs.

To Whom that have not started blogging and I am strongly encourage you to do so.  Come on we are in 21st century now…

Shit Floats

It’s about 1.10pm and we were call in for an emergency meeting on our team ‘reorganization’.  And I sat on the beans bag by listening to announcement that one of the salary’s position personal will handle 75% of the management duty.  Well, I will not count on it because he can’t even handle his daily task and how could he handle the ADDITIONAL 75% task? (hmm Winner at a losing game!)

Sadly, I will be joining the new hire to work as the regular activities and also participate the ‘Order Desk’ that management suggested.  Honestly, I don’t see that is a good systems but hey who am I to oppossed it though

Alright and enough is enough!  I guess is about time to move on.  Although, I love to work in Google Land but I just can’t wasting my time here anymore.  However, two words can describe and there are ‘shit floats’  Oh well,  who cares

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I went to my routing doctor appointment yesterday for annual check up.  Well, I planned well this time as I leave work early to avoid the traffic rush.  Not too bad to gain two pounds in a year especially in Google land.

Then my doctor asked me ‘Are you planning to have kid’ and that’s lead me to think wow is about time to make decision rather then using Ortho Evra.  I am sure our life will be change tremendously if we decided to have it.  But again, it is a beautiful thing and especially with the miracle pregnancy period and to welcome our junior in this world.

I seriously wish our baby will have blue eyes and blond.

Spring Forward

Yep, is that time of year to forward the clock one hour ahead AKA ‘Spring Forward’ and it begins this early morning @ 2am.  With that mean we will lost one hour sleep due to the change.  However, with the advance technologies and we do not have to manually adjust our computer laptop or cell because it automatic adjusts through network.

In general, I truly like The Day Light Saving because the day is getting longer than night and I will have more time to accomplish my both work and studies.  That’s a good thing.

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