Shame Shame Shame on you!

Gees, I don’t care whether the individual has 4.0 but he/she shouldn’t be obnoxious like this.  Again, I want to says shame on you. 

I pinged the individual this morning to clarify on her pick up order whether the boxes are on the pallet! Guess what is the responses quote ‘If you can’t do it and I will hire my own trucker’  wow!  what kind of answer and may l asked which University thought you to behave like that?   

There is no doubt this individual is rich in education or on what ever he/she is doing but seems so poor to react this way.

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Comedy show

If anyone ask me which favorite comedy show that I like the most and ‘whose line is it anyway?’ will be my pick.  Gees, I just love the show and it keep both of us laugh to the maximum.  These talented comedian includes Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and also the host Drew Carey are just great on the show. It just great. 


Great Weekend!

After the long week of hard study, work and is about time to enjoy the weekend to the most.  Having able to wake up late by not rushing to work which is another relaxing moment for us.

Of course, our quality time even sweeter with the lovely chocolate chip pancake & French stuffs toast with blueberry topping to begin with.  Then follow by sipping wine after dinner by listening to great piece of music from the talented Russia pianist Evegeny Kissin ah that what I am talking about great weekend.  

How about yours? 

My orb shown solid green today.

So, may I asked what is the color of your orb!  Yes, it’s ‘green’ and me too.  I bet most of the investors are finally put a smile on their face as the market closed high today.

GOOG soar 19.99% ( up 89+)

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Ticks me off

It just ticks me off when I notice the task that I released yesterday at 3.30pm for our team to work on and no one is working on until this afternoon and I took it back form the tray and completed it myself.  And it happended to me this morning as I released a task @ 8.41am and NO ONE notice it until l took it back and processed. 

Well, I find hard to believe as there are 2bodies there where they have time to IM each other then laugh and walk around but what the heck they can’t just complete the simple task?

Seriously, it ticks me off when I notice people who:-

  • Lazy
  • Talk too much / Whining
  • Irresponsible
  • Not smart
  • Dirty / Smelly
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He is so far and yet so close.

I can’t believe that I woke up before 9am on Saturday! That’s right because my personal heater is on his business trip.  Unfortunately, we are 10hrs apart but one thing for sure his daily updates will keep me comfort an smile :)) Thanks love.

He is my hero, my lovely Pinky pie, he’s everything that I ever wanted and everything I need.  Honestly, I can talk about him; I will go on and on and on because he’s everything to me. 

Looking forward for his return next.

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My oh mine! I got a good laugh when l read the email this morning from the individual who included everyone in our building and she is asking if anyone seen her coffee mug! Wow.. I believe her coffee mug must have been the sentimental value for her but what I don’t understand was why she left the mug at the kitchen where everyone may access? The mail thread keep on and on as one of her team member is replying and joking around.

I remembered she also put a comment to the chef sometime last month and she included everyone in the building as well. Hmm is she out off her mind to being idiot like this or is this the way to get attention!

Well, I am using Starbuck mug and each week I am using the different one as my love has the collection around the world. However l don’t have this problem eh!

Gees, I am not sure is she aware that there are many big wig and VP’s in our building who also read their messages. Yuck! this is lame!

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Ego and self respect?

Wow a very simple question and yet complicated. That’s right the ego and self respect are the two main behaviors that important to whom who wish to leave peacefully in this world. There are ego and self respect. Ego is how great the individual think he/she is. And the individual always in the middle which is dangerous. Self respect is having an earned positive feeling about oneself. Also the individual thought that how great he/she is.

Sadly, we can simply notice people surrounded us with these behaviors regardless what age. Of course, I will label them as ‘incompetence and low’.

Well, I don’t like to join with these people and the best way is to stay away from them to avoid the conflict. Or just answer the question in very general manner and STAY AWAY from them.

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It’s alright and it’s OK!

It’s has been a wild ride for me since I signed up for the CBL exam in mid January ’08.  With the full time work and evening classes and it is hard for me to ready for the exam in April for this additional course.  Because woke up 3am on the weekdays it just killing me especially I will have to take sleeping pills at night to sleep and in order to wake up early. That’s lead me to think am I going to die because of OD!

Hmm why am I doing this? How long will I stay in this field! Hence I decided to withdraw myself from the exam and focus on computer classes instead.  I’ve learned DataBase Access and Dream Weaver.  Next will be Linux.   I am not proud of the decision that I made to withdraw in the last minutes but hey it’s alright and it’s OK because this is my choice.

But for the grace of the God

My co-worker came in around noon as he attended his family court today.  He started to chat with another team member who happended in the same situation about their divorce ordeal.  Hmm I don’t mean to listen in but seriously their chatting is just too loud.  Well, I feels sad for them as they have gone thru the ugly and messy life yuck. 

Silently, I say a little prayer Yes I do! but for the grace of the God and I must have been born lucky as I have been blessed with the gift of TRUE LOVE. Though I must says respect and understanding between spouse are the important elements in married life.     

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