It’s alright and it’s OK!

It’s has been a wild ride for me since I signed up for the CBL exam in mid January ’08.  With the full time work and evening classes and it is hard for me to ready for the exam in April for this additional course.  Because woke up 3am on the weekdays it just killing me especially I will have to take sleeping pills at night to sleep and in order to wake up early. That’s lead me to think am I going to die because of OD!

Hmm why am I doing this? How long will I stay in this field! Hence I decided to withdraw myself from the exam and focus on computer classes instead.  I’ve learned DataBase Access and Dream Weaver.  Next will be Linux.   I am not proud of the decision that I made to withdraw in the last minutes but hey it’s alright and it’s OK because this is my choice.

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