My oh mine! I got a good laugh when l read the email this morning from the individual who included everyone in our building and she is asking if anyone seen her coffee mug! Wow.. I believe her coffee mug must have been the sentimental value for her but what I don’t understand was why she left the mug at the kitchen where everyone may access? The mail thread keep on and on as one of her team member is replying and joking around.

I remembered she also put a comment to the chef sometime last month and she included everyone in the building as well. Hmm is she out off her mind to being idiot like this or is this the way to get attention!

Well, I am using Starbuck mug and each week I am using the different one as my love has the collection around the world. However l don’t have this problem eh!

Gees, I am not sure is she aware that there are many big wig and VP’s in our building who also read their messages. Yuck! this is lame!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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