Malaysian signature food!




Oh yes, these are my all time favorite Malaysian signature food.  Nasi kandar, Char Keuh Teow and Satay ayam ah there are just delicious.  Sedap eh!

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Hot summer.

Gees, this is extremely hot weather. The summer officially began yesterday and the temperature soar to 100 degrees for 2days in the role and how pain would that be!  Thank God our air condition just got service check and work well to keep us stay in door.  Ah nice and cold. 

Of course, to remind everyone  to drink more water to avoid dehydration.  Also, ensure keeps pets in a good and comfortable area as well.

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Who cares anyway!

I definately learned a good lesson on how to be more self control at work rather than over react anymore.  It happened to me yesterday as my Director try to social and joke with me. While l am in the bad mood due to lacking team cooperation.  He said ‘Hi Eliza, why are you goofing around and do nothing there with a smile?’ Ah that phrase just shock right through me and pissed me off.  Thus l responses to him ‘yea, yea l do nothing but goofing around and of course surfing net all day as well.’

Ah l feel so bad after l said that because l took it too personal and serious on that. With immediately l email him and says sorry to him. Knowing he shouldn’t have such a joke to his employee. And glad to have his responses and quote ‘Thanks Eliza for the feedback, water under the bridge.’  I feel better eh!  Oh well,  It just a job and if the management don’t care much and who am l to care for?  This is another reminder that I don’t belongs to this team as they are just sucks!

Who cares anyway!

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So, what do you think?

Well, this question can be related to anything in our daily life. But it really bothers me this afternoon when l saw my boss and a group of my team have a meeting at ‘The Parking Lot’ which exclude me.  It just shock right through me when l am on my way to get my car.  Of course, they are suprise to see me walking toward my car too. 

At first, l felt very disturbed and dissapointed in the same time. But after talking to my guru AKA love and l got it. It just work and don’t take it too serious if the manager doesn’t. 

So, what do you think? If you come across this!

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Father’s Day

I want to say and wish Happy Father’s Day to the Dad around the world.  The Father’s Day this year for me is just emotional. Because I can’t reach him through phone where I use to call and wish him nor able to send him a greeting card.  This is because we lost him October 2007 on battling cancer.  The ONLY thing is to cherrish our memory that we had.  Man is hard but life go on but l am sure he is in better place now. 

May God bless both of my dads and lead them to better place.

  1. Anthony Tan  – My father who take good care of me.
  2. Beverly Randolph Scott who is my father in-law. Who also raised my love to be so sucessful person. Thank you.

R.I.P. my both be loved Dads and you will be missed.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.



Tim Russert dies at 58.

A news icon Tim Russert who in covered political news, with his pain-spoken explanations and hard-hitting question has dies of sudden heart attack on Friday.  His death was annouced by Tom Brokaw, former anchor of “NBC Night News”, who broke into the network’s programming after 3.30pm.  He was stricken while he recording voice-over of Sunday program.  Russert, also was the Washington Bureau of NBC and Senior Vice President with the trade mark to his co-worker ‘Before big interview, before big moment of your life, pal go get them’.

Russert long time friend and physician, Dr. Michael Newman, said that he had asymptomic coronary artery disease that was controlled with medication and exercise and that he had performed well on a stress test in late April.  An autopsy performed on the day of his death determined that his history of coronary artery disease lead to sudden cardiac death with the immediate cause being an occlusive coronary thrombus in the left anterior descending artery, resulting from a ruptured cholesterol plaque. 

We lost another great anchor and journalist :(( our thought and prayer go to Russert family.

The Biggest Country show ever in Nothern California

That’s right today is a special day in Northern California with biggest Country show and history in Fresh Country.  Of course, with the glorious weather make the event even more successful. 

This is a cool concert with Kenny Chesney the Super Star and recently won the 4th of The Entertainer Of The Year in CMT 43rd Award in May where held in Las Vegas. The concert will be start at 4pm and held inside AT&T park in San Francisco together with Brook & Dunns, LeAnn Rimes, Garry Allan & Luke Bryan. However, the creative DJ’s from 95.7 The Wolf also organized the party prior the concert which call ‘Beach Ball Free For All’  

The prior party will start from 10.30 to 2pm with Clay Walker, The Lost Trailer, The new band One Flew South and Quarterback Record Stephen Cochran to warm up everyone. Of course, just in time for the one who has the ticket to heading inside the AT&T Park. The organizer even coordinate with Caltrain to expanded additional three special trains after the concert.  This is great!

Kudos to you 95.7 The Wolf howl…ooow!


Yep, the price for everything has been rise tremendously in our daily life lately especially Gasoline ouch!  Just wish that the stock market and our employer did go to the same path for us eh.

ITunes with Streams/Internet radio

ITunes 7 is now tagging tracks played on its digital radio stations.  The goal is to help listeners to tag it follow by buy the music through ITune Store with just a click.  Though I am NOT crazy about the tagging nor purchase any HD Radio receiver.  But I am just amaze and enjoy listening my favorite FM or AM radio stations through ITunes. 

Gees, this is great for all parties as for Radio Station and ITunes they will able to sell the music and publication. However, as for listener like me and l will able to enjoy the music with easy access and purchase as well.  Somewhat I would say APPLE has picked a winner with this one.

Probably, I am out dated as I did not aware about this service until last week.  But I am please to know this now. I normally listen to music at work either through online radio, ITunes or nano iPod.  Sometime last week l notice there is an option on my ITunes library with ‘Radio’ with many selections of the choice from Blues to Rock.  I am sure with this I may listen to internet radio with better sounding streams with no static and this is well known in ITunes. 

Though I must says although I listen to music while I am working but I am still very focus on what I do.  Of course, I skip music while I am in the meeting or training session.

Although, radio may be a bit of an older media compare to the gadget such as iPOd but again it still has plenty of listeners. I for one rarely use my nano iPod while I am driving.