Q time!

Everyone deserved the quality time especially after a long week at work and I am not an exception.  Yes, in deed both of us work hard during week days and seriously we need our qtime to be more relax, enjoy our time together unfortunately the weekend end so quickly.

Good sense of humor

A good sense of humor plays an important role for each one of us.  In fact, this category added on the questionaires on the profile.  Genuine humor points out the weaknesses of humanity, but without contempt. It is a commentator of life, not a critic of it. Its purpose is to uplift, not tear down, and to lighten the burdens of others, not add to them.  Good humor does not be little or promote stereotypes, for it springs from the heart, not the mind. It is a shock absorber that helps us get over the bumps in life.  Those with a good sense of humor have a good sense of life.

Uhg l got frustrated this week as l ran into two seprate incidents and if these people have ‘Good Sense of Humor’ may prevent the matter!

  1. I am surprised and shocked to read my IM chat on the email and it copied to everyone.  Well, if the sender has good sense of humor and he shouldn’t email our IM to all.  Although, the IM chat are all work related but he should respect the IM privacy.
  2. One of our vendor/Manager email to everyone and quote my name and claimed that he confirmed to me that l also have the same problem in login on the website.  Of course, I got mad as l did not speak to him nor confirm anything to him at all.  How could he claim that and copied to everyone!  Thus l need some clarification with him and he told me that two members of our team told him that uhg…l am truly dealing moron…

          ==> If the invididual have trouble on log in and he/she should and could have to contact the company IT for assistance but not email to sales respresentative also the whole world to whine about. Duh!

          ==> He shouldn’t quote my name if he did not personally talk to me?

          ==> My team members shouldn’t tell him my name if he/she did not encounter the problems. Just that simple. 

Bottom line don’t say or tell if you don’t experience the matter yourself. I think this is fair eh!  Anyway, l did gave those moron a piece of my mind and advise them don’t quote my name if he/she did not personal talk to me and asked him to direct to me if he need clarification.  Seriously, I really hope people have better sense of humor.

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Pool Party recovery

I am glad l finally recovered from the sick as too much fun at the Pool Party that we went yesterday.  In deed, we had a good time at the party with the long time friends with chatting, drinking and of course good ribs. But l seriously don’t enjoy the three digit weather temperature.  We both apply sun protection with SPF 70 but both of us still got the painfull sun burn :((

Couple sort of vodka, apple and blueberry martini are just enough to makes me sick though.  Well, unfortunately, our truck doesn’t have spare bag thus my love got to pull aside for me to throw up.  As soon as we reach home and took a quick shower then straight to bed. This is clear to me that l can’t drink too much.  I truly learned a good lesson.

Do / Don’t on clothing

It is important we know how to dress up either to work or to any where! Of course, for those who work in huge corporation will need to be extra careful and be smart to pick and choose on their taste base on design, style or color and of course it must be comfortable.

I always admired Japanese & Korean and they always dress approperately and just neat. This is very important to give other a good impression trust me.

I attended meeting this afternoon and notice a lady who wear her shirt extremely tight and it looks like anytime will burst though. Not to be rude and it looks like over stuff sausage yuck! That’s very ugly and l just wish people have more taste on how and what he/she wear.

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Need better restaurants in South Bay.

That’s true and we as south bay resident seriously need good and real restaurant over here.  Gees most of the restaurant here just follow local demand and it just doesn’t really go with the cuisine on their sign board shown. Ah this is very dissapoiting probably because people in Silicon Valley doesn’t really care about the food but engineering staff instead.

Well, I don’t care how much doesn’t it costs and l want the real food please…

Dealing with incompetent twit!

I am driven to work and my goal is to execute the task with great result and makes our team look good.  Of course, there is some expectation such as do it right and quick.  However, my fellow co-worker felt the heat as they can’t compete with me. Oh boy!

It happened to me this morning.  Our New York branch employee pinged me for the updates on his shipment as soon as l get online.  But with my helpful attitude and l try to look up the details for him unfortunately there aren’t any updates show on our record. Thus I emailed our carrier for the updates.  Well, this carrier responses to me included with the person who process the shipment. Well, this incompetent twit got mad as l interfere his file?  Gees, what a shame for him to think that way and if we can’t support our team and until when our team will shine!  He refused to listen to my explanation though

But hey, l don’t care because as long as l fulfilled our customer need with that means l achieved my goal and look good for my team too.  Can’t they just understand otherwise l would asked them to work harder rather then whining all day. Boo Hoo!

In fact, l received another compliment from another branch this morning and this makes them even more jealous.

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Unique baby name.

In deed celebrities are often famous for giving their children unique names.  From Sailoh to Suri and we just another new born today who name their daughter as Sunday Rose?  Wow…l just wonder how those parent put the name together eh!

I personally think Emily is a beautiful name.


Fireworks indeed American’s favorite because it is nice to watch to add on the celebration regardless on fourth of July or New Year Eve.  I would say most of the city will have the firework at least for 30mins at the selected school field for public to enjoy the show.  Honestly, we both did enjoy the show with hugs and kisses. 

Though I thought it just a waste because the tax payer is paying for this and for the wonderful of 30mins and causing thousands of dollars and also paying overtime for police officer ah it just not worth it.   How about use that money to do something better such as improve the road and etc?

Type of people.

There are many types of people that we may run into no matter where we go.  The individual may be ego, generous, nosy, quiet, hard work, lazy, evil or even modest.  Gees, it must be stressful especially at work place as need to face this people at least 40hrs a week by listen to their whining. Man, the best way is to stay away from them.

I am sure you are in better position then me?

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The magic of 1st July

1st of July indeed a special day and every part of the world have their unique occasion to celebrate with. From our very own United Stated got a new hands free law enacted today with may reduce unnecessary accident. Canadian celebrating their Independence’s day, Hong Kong celebrating return back to China, UK memorial Princess Diana birthday day and for me celebrating my BD.

I am so happy to get the first wish from my love at mid night. Then when l get in at work the entire Book Search Partner Managers around the world (ASIAPAC, EMEA and US) wishing me Happy Birthday. Also, lots of emails from my fellow friends and radio stations, airlines for the greeting. Wow…what a blast!

Of course, I got home early to celebrate my special day as well hu la la…