Team Building Event 2008

Our management organized a team building event at our boss resort which located at Los Altos.  In deed he picked the right day for the event as it is a beautiful day with blue sky. 

We made it there around 2.30pm and everyone has very good time there. Some of them are drinking, snack attacking and joking as well.  Follow by games activities such as bocce ball, mini golfing, swiming and also spa. 

We certainly has a great time but gees l got a very bad sun burnt as the weather temperature almost hit 3 digit high ouch!  Even my sun protection spray with SPF 70 doesn’t help. 

I left there around 4.30pm as heading to SFO airport to pickup my love.

‘R’ special day in the month of August!

Today is the special day for those who name began with ‘R’ and celebrate their birthday today.  These people had similarity which amaze many people.  Which are public speaker, smart, intelligent and hard worker.  These people includes Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray and my love Robert Scott.

Though l must admit it is hard to get the gift for him though because he basically had everything. The whole closet full of different brand of cologne. Also, those newer electronic gadget that l can think of uhg!  Thus l will try my trick to find out what need. 

I sent him roses at work, greeting card and blue tooth mice. I left work early just to celebrate with him and have our quality time together.  For some reasons l can just talk about him and l can keep go on and on and on…

Common sense

What is the defination of common sense?  Common Sense based on  a terms consists of what people in common would agree on in natural understanding.  However, it depends on an individual to sense, belief, experiences, knowledge, judgment if the act if is common sense.  Not to be defiance even 4.0 grads fails to do this. 

Though l must says most of the time l found people lacking of ‘Common Sense’. That’s bummer!  Many time, people just got the wrong judgment or without thinking before act.   Here are some experiences that l encounter lately…

  1. A group of ten people line up for a piece of cheese cake where ONLY one person who really bought it. I was behind these twit.
  2. Gupta drove with 35miles per hour on the left lane.  Hello!  this is America left lane means fast lane!
  3. A lady changging lane from left to very right lane simply because she got her destination ‘Whole Food’ oh boy why can’t she make a U turn or make her mind clear in the begining?
  4. Calls during working hour with none business related!
  5. Riding bike on the middle of the street?
  6. Pedestrians chat on the middle of the street where l got green light to go on but waiting for the twit to chat for their important conversation!  Come on…

Damn, l really wish people have more common sense + sense of humor.

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Dealing with irrational fears

That’s right irrational fear means fears that not base on sensible or clear reasons.  Yes, l do have an irrational fear and the two major that l afraid of were Policeman and must fill up the tank even u have half tank.

 It happened to me when l was 5 years.  Mom left me alone at home as she took sister’s Evelyn to optical clinic. l was waiting for her to come home thus peeping for her return by door side.  The nightmare began as l saw two policemen walk by with the hand cuff.  Gees, l thought they are coming for me thus l cry so hard and loud makes my neighbor came by and comfort and took me to her house until mom return.  I made me afraid of policeman until now.

Another irrational fear is l must fill up the tank in every weekend. I feel secure if l did this routing otherwise l will feel uneasy.  However, on last weekend l consult my love if my quarter tank of my gas may last for another 2days in order to get the good price.   My love said yes definately. Thus l will just put a try and this weekend l did not fill up my tank lol.

Well, l managed to overcome it today with the shacking moment.  Just happened that today is Google Dance 2008 thus we are invited to join the event. Of course, lots of activities there such as  dance, free gift away, foods, snacks, drink and so much more.  I didn’t eat although l am hungry. Honestly, l don’t really enjoy the event as l am worry whther can l make it gas station thus asked my husband to standby although he got a con call.  l am bad :((

I left the event around 7pm and trust me that distant just too long to get to gas station though.  Along the way l notice police cars passing by and also ambulance.  Gees, l got to watch out and quickly pull to the right as make room for them to pass by.  Can you imagine that moment how nervours am l!  Though l took my love advised to stay calm and finally l made it to gas station safe with a good price of 3.99 yay! 

Yes, l did it.  The key word is to ‘Deal with it’.

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Hainan Chicken Rice / 海南雞飯 and recipes…

hncrFor some reason I am craving for the Hainan Chicken Rice this weekend.  And the only place to find it will be at the Southeast Asia Region Cuisine either Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand).  Here’s are the couple restaurant I knew in south bay there are Yellow Ginger at Mountain  View, Benana Leaf, Penang Garden at Milpitas, Krung Thai, Sino at San Jose.

Thought I must says I still haven’t get the right taste of ‘Hainan Chicken Rice’ here in America.  The chicken must be very smooth when you bite it, the rice must be very tasty and the ginger + chili dipping source also must be blented well.

I can’t wait for my next trip to Malaysia and to eat the real Hainan Chicken Rice and it costs and less then usd 1 wow…

Check it out the recipes….

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The dark site of “The Dark Knight”

There is no doubt “The Dark Knight” is the biggest hit film of the year so far.  It became the third highest grossing domestic film of all time with $442 million in sales as at topped the movie chart for a fourth straight weekend. 

However, there are some dark sites for the casting crew eh.  First of all THE JOKERHeath Ledger dies on 01.22.2008 due to OD, then BRUCE WAYNE/BATMANChristian Bale arrested on o7.22.2008 due to allegations of assault filed by his mother and sister. Follow by LUCIUS FOX – Morgan Freeman car crash on 08.04.2008 and leaved hospital after four days.  In fact, Freeman’s publicist has confirmed that ge is set to divorce Myrna, his wife of 24 years marriage.

Eight, 八, lapan!

In deed, eight is a symbol of luck and sign of prosperity in superficial world.  Guess what today is the magic day with the date of 8th August 2008 wow!  In fact, today is chosen on the opening of Beijing Olympic. I am sure many people will have special occassion will held today. 

I used to be superficial but not anymore since l moved to States.  Though l must says today work well for me because my orb is green in color, pay day and Friday. Bo Yah!

Seriously, is not OK to mess around others desk!

That’s right that is NOT OK to mess around others desk unless the individual got mentally problems.  Gees, I got so mad as I notice someone messed on my desk by moving around my personal items (Lava lamps, hand lotion, desk phone).  And I knew the culpric who messed it because she always did it to others. Well I will not be quiet like other because this action MUST put a stop.

Thus I gave a piece of my mind to our team as they did not stop her while she did it and also her management.  I am glad her two managers came by and apologize to me after they read my email.  Perhaps this twit will change otherwise I will request to remove her from our building because we don’t we need a trash here.

So, may I asked what is your reaction if this happened to you?

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