The dark site of “The Dark Knight”

There is no doubt “The Dark Knight” is the biggest hit film of the year so far.  It became the third highest grossing domestic film of all time with $442 million in sales as at topped the movie chart for a fourth straight weekend. 

However, there are some dark sites for the casting crew eh.  First of all THE JOKERHeath Ledger dies on 01.22.2008 due to OD, then BRUCE WAYNE/BATMANChristian Bale arrested on o7.22.2008 due to allegations of assault filed by his mother and sister. Follow by LUCIUS FOX – Morgan Freeman car crash on 08.04.2008 and leaved hospital after four days.  In fact, Freeman’s publicist has confirmed that ge is set to divorce Myrna, his wife of 24 years marriage.

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