Hainan Chicken Rice / 海南雞飯 and recipes…

hncrFor some reason I am craving for the Hainan Chicken Rice this weekend.  And the only place to find it will be at the Southeast Asia Region Cuisine either Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand).  Here’s are the couple restaurant I knew in south bay there are Yellow Ginger at Mountain  View, Benana Leaf, Penang Garden at Milpitas, Krung Thai, Sino at San Jose.

Thought I must says I still haven’t get the right taste of ‘Hainan Chicken Rice’ here in America.  The chicken must be very smooth when you bite it, the rice must be very tasty and the ginger + chili dipping source also must be blented well.

I can’t wait for my next trip to Malaysia and to eat the real Hainan Chicken Rice and it costs and less then usd 1 wow…

Check it out the recipes….

By elizascott Posted in Food

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