Common sense

What is the defination of common sense?  Common Sense based on  a terms consists of what people in common would agree on in natural understanding.  However, it depends on an individual to sense, belief, experiences, knowledge, judgment if the act if is common sense.  Not to be defiance even 4.0 grads fails to do this. 

Though l must says most of the time l found people lacking of ‘Common Sense’. That’s bummer!  Many time, people just got the wrong judgment or without thinking before act.   Here are some experiences that l encounter lately…

  1. A group of ten people line up for a piece of cheese cake where ONLY one person who really bought it. I was behind these twit.
  2. Gupta drove with 35miles per hour on the left lane.  Hello!  this is America left lane means fast lane!
  3. A lady changging lane from left to very right lane simply because she got her destination ‘Whole Food’ oh boy why can’t she make a U turn or make her mind clear in the begining?
  4. Calls during working hour with none business related!
  5. Riding bike on the middle of the street?
  6. Pedestrians chat on the middle of the street where l got green light to go on but waiting for the twit to chat for their important conversation!  Come on…

Damn, l really wish people have more common sense + sense of humor.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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