Play sabotage game? Bring it on…

Dame I got so mad today as someone trying to play sabotage game to me.  Well, Sabotage is deliberate action aimed at weakening enemy oppressor or employer through subversion, obstruction, distruption and destruction.  I will take that is a low and incompetent individual who cannot deliberate his work well.  That’s why trying to take other credit.  That’s sux!

Though l seriously don’t understand why people have that kind of behavior and simply go behind others back for their own credit and pride.  It’s happened to me today uhg l got so mad when l caught the individual.  I knew l suppose to him aside to clarify with him but l just blast out loud by asking him ‘why you do this, why you go direct to my manager’   Ha ha his answer was ‘ I, I don’t know’! 

Come on people!  If I am the person who write the steps don’t you think I must preserved my original!  Am I stupid enough to forward you the soft copy before submit to management?

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A September to remember

What a perfect phrase ‘A September to remember’ and it meant so much to me since I got married but this year is a special one.  This is because many more things happened this year.  Our Wedding Anniversary was a great and it certainly a highligth of my life.  Thank you Jesus for your blessing! 

Of course, who can forget on the 9/11 attacked.  My thought and prayers to the victins family.  Follow by the funky stock market in September as Dow Jones dropped -500.00 point on 09/16 & 09/17 then it recovered +400.00 points the next day 09/18.  Man who can predict what is going to happened next?  It has been a painful ride for the traders like us. 

The ‘Stress’ about my Oct exam drove me to throw out lately and have to says that each weekend l got to stay in bed about 12hrs as constantly throw out.  Gosh this is annoying eh but l cannot control it.  I should have schedule appoitment to meet with my doctor.

Traders bad day

Yea, it was a bad day for the trader like us as DJ down -500 point ouch! Gees my orb shown crazy red and portfolio stated down hills.  However, please take my advice and do not panic but do take precausion.  of course, diversify the stock is the key and don’t put eggs in a bucket. 

Good luck!

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The heat is on

Damn!  is 9/14 now with that means 3weeks en-counting down for the huge exam.  Hope and l will use these days wisely and more relax to handle the situation.

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The 7th years of 9/11

Who can forget about 9/11?  Yea it’s 7 years now everyone especially who is in America still remember very clear what was happened in this day.  However, there is no excuse for those twits who did that to us and there is no excusable. 

My thought and prayers go to those family that effected and may God Blessed America always and always.

It’s our 5th Wedding Anniversary

Wow it has been 5 years already!  Yep, time flies and I thought we are still in honey moon eh..

Though l still remember 5years ago today and I got a called from my love while his flight landing SFO. He asked me to take half day off then drove me to San Francisco City Hall to get married.   That’s amazing and I seriously did not prepare anything though but l truly surprise and got a blast. 

I am blessed to have this wonderful and caring person in my life.  I feel very secure and safe since l met him. Thank you love for loving me.

Will leave work early today to celebrate our special day :))

Sarah Palin you can do it!

I normally don’t really care much about the politic matter. But I was thrilled to watch Sarah Palin acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention early tonight. She delivered a good 40mins strong speech and elegant.

I am confident that John McCain and his running mate will successfully win this election for good.