A September to remember

What a perfect phrase ‘A September to remember’ and it meant so much to me since I got married but this year is a special one.  This is because many more things happened this year.  Our Wedding Anniversary was a great and it certainly a highligth of my life.  Thank you Jesus for your blessing! 

Of course, who can forget on the 9/11 attacked.  My thought and prayers to the victins family.  Follow by the funky stock market in September as Dow Jones dropped -500.00 point on 09/16 & 09/17 then it recovered +400.00 points the next day 09/18.  Man who can predict what is going to happened next?  It has been a painful ride for the traders like us. 

The ‘Stress’ about my Oct exam drove me to throw out lately and have to says that each weekend l got to stay in bed about 12hrs as constantly throw out.  Gosh this is annoying eh but l cannot control it.  I should have schedule appoitment to meet with my doctor.

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