A short trip to my home town Penang!

Both of us took a short trip back to Penang, Malaysia for a special occasion as Dad 1st year in ‘All-Souls’ day. Goes it took 28hrs from SFO to PEN and trust me it absolutely painful to deal with the long flight. Luckily my love is next to me and l can lean on his shoulder.

I am so please to see my sister and family as they are at the arrival hall waiting for us. After we got our rental car then they guide us to the hotel. Yuck, we can feel the warm and humid weather especially the air condition of the rental car wasn’t function well. I am very proud of my love to drive after a long flight even the driving wheel is on the right side and also the non behave scooters.

Glad to arrive at the hotel safe and we will take shower then straight to bed hopefully we able to take a nap as we are still in different time zone.

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Bad people behavior.

That’s right bad people behavior can be notice where, place and time!  We were craving food from CheeseCake Factory and notice ‘Bad people behavior’ in just a few minutes.  Ah that’s drives me to the edge.

I notice the customers those are waiting to be seated are standing in middle of the entrance. And some of them even are chatting on ‘ToGo’ line which obviously blocking the way to the ToGo customers!

One of the Mom was busy chatting and not even concentrate on her daughter who is playing with the entrance door. Guess what a customer on her way to exit the restautant and ‘YES’ the little girl fingerer was zap.  Gosh, l am not going to blame the customer who open the door as she can’t see the other side but l think this incident is absolutely not necessary.

Very weird was l notice the ToGo customer have a group of 6 and all queue up but only order 1 piece of ‘Cheesecake’ hmm very strange!

Gees, not sure are these people are retarted but why the simple manner they just don’t get it?  Also, why the CheeseCake Factory’ management don’t have better plan for make it more organize! 

I am glad our orders were good as usual otherwise I will be pissed.

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Jimmy Buffett’s @ Google MTV

What a privilege to watched Jimmy Buffett perform at Google main campus in person.  Due to his performing schedule and he came by our campus in the morning.  After the performance and our head chef do have special threat with ‘Margarita / Cheese Burger’ for all.

That’s what l am talking about and it will never too early for margarita because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere :))


p/s: Special Thanks to Google Team for originized this.  Hope more cool performance to be watch soon.

Duck Pond at Palo Alto


As usual we woke up in the lazy weekend afternoon.  My love drove me around for food but whoops we end up ‘Duck Pond’ at Palo Alto Bay lands.  It was originally built as a swimming pool, then into a pond because of siltation issues. 

The duck pond trail loops around .8 mile and l can see a variety of ducks, geese, gulls and migrating birds that make their way into the popular pond.

Gees, this is certainly a new exploration for me because I’ve been here in California for 7+ years now but never been this area before.  Though I must says this is absolute nice area and also well-maintained.

This place is just perfect for picnic and a popular place for the old and young as they can enjoy some of the longer walks in the nearby area.

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The Nightmare is over!

Thank God the nightmare is over and I will now begin to have back my leisure time.  Though I must say I certainly enjoy the good sleep of 8hrs nightly and being no pressure. 

Uhg the exam was hard but hey l tried my best that’s matter.

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Cross the line!

I normally don’t care much on politic however I found SLN cross the line by repeating imitated Sarah Palin.  Come on!  probably ‘Dems’ supporter may fell funny to watch the skit but l personally think SNL ran out of ideal.  That’s also lead me to think that’s wasn’t a talent on this program but there are all CRAPP. 

Tina Frey might be the winner of the Emmy Awards because of the ’30 Rocks’ show but she is nothing compare to Sarah Palin because Sarah’s gorgeous looks are so unabeatable.  Let’s hope Tina know what she’s is doing.

Those celebrities should continue with their carrer and shut up!