The bittersweet of 29th November 2008

It began around 12.30am mid night.  My love told me that he doesn’t feel well as chest pain.  With the nervous and worrying we made it to ER @ Kaiser.  They took care of my love as soon as possible and also made us as comfortable as we could and they even offer warm blanket to us and etc.

Due to love drank soda which content of ‘cafe’ early evening thus they can’t ran the test and would like us to stay until the next morning.  Well, due to the holiday weekend and the worker who will work on the test will be available on the afternoon hour only.  Oh well, there is nothing much we can do but just wait and in the same time let my love get some rest.  There is a TV there but l have no mood to watch neither but l pray to God and let us get thru this quicker and l promise l will do more cooking at home rather then pickup meal from outside.

Guess what my love passed the test and the result shows that his heart is healthy but do need to watch the sugar level as they found a little sweet on his blood accordingly to Dr. Young.  Wow!  A warm hug to my love and the tear of joy dripping my face and Thank God we got the great news and we will definately be very careful and eat more green and less sugar. Not forgetting to do our Wii Fit exercise. 

Seriously, l don’t mind the sleepless night and the 16hours in ER but it all good now.  It’s definately a wakeup call for both of us and Thank God the Kaiser team are so efficient and they deserved the compliment from me.   That’s the bittersweet of 29th November 2008.

Black Friday 2008 Disaster

Crazy Deal!  Black Friday Deal! is the traditional deal after Thanksgiving day.  Where most of retail store will have the real deal up to 70% or more for kick off the Season Holidays shopping.  However, this year it took at least 3 lives.  One of the incident happened at Wal-Mart in New York City and the worker was knocked down by the mob and killed and a pregnant woman was sent to hospital for observation.  There are shooting incident happened in California due to argument in Toys ‘R’ us Inc and lost 2  lives.  Gees, I don’t understand why people bring gun to toy store! 

What a shame to occurred such an incident.  But one thing for sure we can see the bad people behavior causing this disaster.  Seriously, it just doesn’t worth it after all!

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Thanksgiving 2008

There are so many things for us to Thankful on the year 2008.  This is because we are still here safe and sounds.  With the uncertain economy lead us to really need to watch our spending which is sux.  Not forgetting the disaster hit around the globe in May ’08 the Cyclone hit Myanmar, Earthquake hit China and also wildfire burnt about 3,200 arces in Santa Cruz in California.  All these unfortunate happened definitely change people lives especially the victim family and our thought and prayers goes to them.

Enjoy home confirm food is the traditional way in American in 21st Century and of course the Turkey and pumpkin pie are the two main things to have in this occasion.  Since we have the small family and only two of us at home thus we did not get the whole turkey but l got the ready make turkey breast with corn bread stuffing and spinach ravioli with pamersan chicken ball with alfredo sauce ah that’s delicious.

Of course, I did not forget the main purpose of ‘Thanksgiving’.  I can’t get enough to express my sincere Thanks to my hero.  He is the one who brought me today and lead me to top.  I am grateful to found my true love and his support and makes me feel so secure and safe.   Thank you love for adding me to your life.

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What say you?

What say you if you have a non-productive team and their activities during working hours as below:-

  1. Surfing net
  2. Fall asleep
  3. Long chat on personal calls
  4. IM chatting for non-work related
  5. Feel irritated when someone works during lunch times simply because they can’t relax?
  6. Stink as probably they did not take shower or wear the dirty clothing
  7. Spill their personal matter to others
  8. Allow the files pale up on their desk.

Gees,  if I am their Manager and they should have been long gone by now.  Though I wonder why The Management didn’t realize this fiasco.  That’s very sad and may l asked what say you if you come across this?

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Can they just SHUT UP!

Oh man and I just can’t tolerate with this twits any longer.  Both keeps chatting and talk about they family ordeal and too bad I caught in the middle who sit between them.  I don’t mean to listen but they are just too loud.

Who’s care about their family matters but I just don’t understand why he/she will tell others their family un-function matter and after the updates then both laugh!  Is this normal?  Gees, I will consider them as a moron 101.

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42nd CMA Awards

Way to go Carrie Underwood!  She is the most succesful American Idol in the business.  Anyway, I stuck in Country music last year when I accidentally tune in country channel and l am stuck on it ever since.  Of course, huge fan with 95.7 The Wolf! aw hooo…

Glad to watch the 42nd CMA Awards air by from Nashville and it host by Brad Paisley and the sweetie Carrie Underwood.

Though George Straits surposses record for most trophies in CMA Awards history with 22 at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards, both Brad Paisley and Sugarland’s Jennifer Netteles each win two on “Country Music” biggest night.  Glad to watch The Eagles performing their new hits ‘Busy being fabulous’ and Taylor Swift performing ‘Love Story’ wow that’s wonderful.

Winners list:-

  • Entertainer of the year – Kenny Chesney and this is 4th times he received this award which made him tying with Grath Brooks record for the most wins in the category.
  • Female vocalist of the year – Carrie Underwood
  • Male vocalist of the year – Brad Paisley
  • New artist of the year – Lady Antebellum
  • Vocal group of the year – Rascal Flatts
  • Vocal duo of the year – Sugarland
  • Single of the year (awards goes to artist and producer – I Saw God Today / produced by Tony Brown and George Strait.
  • Album of the year – (awards goes to artist and producer – Troubadour / produced by Tony Brown and George Strait.
  • Song of the year – (awards goes to Songwriter and primary publisher) – Stay / Jennifer Nettles
  • Music video of the year – (awards goes to artist and director) – Waitin on a woman / Brad Paisley featuring Andy Griffith.  Directed by Jim Shea & Peter Tilden.

Craving for Penang food already!







Gees, I can’t believed we just came back from Penang about 3days now. So to speak we are still in the recovery to the local time zone but I began craving for the local food already.  The food there are just yummy especially with the reasonable price.  I wish l eat more during our visit though

The Char Koah Teow is to die for and it just delicious, the curry chicken just a killer and of course the famous roti chanai ah it just great. 

Seriously, I am so looking forward for our next trip and l definately eat as much as food as l can such as curry mee, hokkien mee, laksa, tau hwa, pasumbur, nasi kandar and many more.

Our Penang Trip – Day 8 that we heading back to USA.

It’s 4.45am and our cell alarm is beeping and we knew its time to get ready for check out and heading to airport.

Although I am very excited to heading back to US however I feel sad to leave though. After all it is my home town and my root. But I understood its just visiting and we can always come back next time.

Thank God its only took 21hrs on the flight time where it took 28hrs to Penang uhg. Yes and I smell the greatness of California and the land of freedom. Glad we have another day/Sunday for relaxing. It definately took more time to adjust to local time because we are still in 15hrs ahead time zone.

After un-packed and bath we both straight to bed. I knew is too short to Asia in 7days but we spent it well. Looking forward on our next trip next.

Our Penang Trip – Day 7 last day of the trip

Day 7 and also our last day here on this trip. Sister/Evelyn planned to take us around for sign seeing and the most important to taste the Penang famous foods. Though that will only happened after 2pm her kids are in the morning school.

Again, we ate our breaksfast at Queensbay in the morning. Open an account at the HSBC bank so that I can link my US account for wire transfer.

Yes, we noticed the Toyota Avanza is heading to our hotel lobby. We stopped by a place called ‘New World’ to taste all the yummy foods. Wow those foods are great and l wish I have bigger stomach or have more time there. Also, visited the little India, Penang pier and sleeping Buddha. Due to the gusty wind and rain thus we heading back to hotel.

We had dinner together with my sister’s family and Mom. They are so nice even brought our favorite food with them ‘Satay’ for us. The meal ir just delicious and of course, my love enjoy it as well.

We do “Thanks & hugs” each one of them for their time and warm hospitalities. Remind Mom to take her vitamins on time. Noticed Mom sad to let us go but I promised to her next time I will spent more time there. Then we heading to gasoline station to fill up the tank so that we will return the rental car.

Anyway, My sister suggest to me that how about invest a house there.  It will be nice we can be neighbor!  We both liked the ideal and she is looking around.

Our Penang Trip – Day 6

We had breakfast @ Queensbay then heading to Sun Shine Square for little shopping.  My love is so carrying and picked up the Ensure milk powder for mom.  We do pick up some local snacks and crackers just to try it.


Met my BFF for lunch at Pizza Hut. And it also Mayble BD anyway gave her the BD gift and we chat for a while they both still look the same though. We definately have a great time. Unfortunately, the pizza is very salty even without bacon anyway after we meet and we heading to sister home to pickup Mom so that we will go to Balik Pulau together.

Gave a list of the name to brother for him to pick for his un-born baby.  Mom picked up the durian cakes from her contact that is for my love co-worker.  Also, stop by Granny home just to let her know that we will back to USA in 2days.

Drop off Mom and sister home and then we heading back to hotel for resting.  Man and l just dislike the weather there.