Our Penang Trip – Day 6

We had breakfast @ Queensbay then heading to Sun Shine Square for little shopping.  My love is so carrying and picked up the Ensure milk powder for mom.  We do pick up some local snacks and crackers just to try it.


Met my BFF for lunch at Pizza Hut. And it also Mayble BD anyway gave her the BD gift and we chat for a while they both still look the same though. We definately have a great time. Unfortunately, the pizza is very salty even without bacon anyway after we meet and we heading to sister home to pickup Mom so that we will go to Balik Pulau together.

Gave a list of the name to brother for him to pick for his un-born baby.  Mom picked up the durian cakes from her contact that is for my love co-worker.  Also, stop by Granny home just to let her know that we will back to USA in 2days.

Drop off Mom and sister home and then we heading back to hotel for resting.  Man and l just dislike the weather there.

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