Black Friday 2008 Disaster

Crazy Deal!  Black Friday Deal! is the traditional deal after Thanksgiving day.  Where most of retail store will have the real deal up to 70% or more for kick off the Season Holidays shopping.  However, this year it took at least 3 lives.  One of the incident happened at Wal-Mart in New York City and the worker was knocked down by the mob and killed and a pregnant woman was sent to hospital for observation.  There are shooting incident happened in California due to argument in Toys ‘R’ us Inc and lost 2  lives.  Gees, I don’t understand why people bring gun to toy store! 

What a shame to occurred such an incident.  But one thing for sure we can see the bad people behavior causing this disaster.  Seriously, it just doesn’t worth it after all!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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