The bittersweet of 29th November 2008

It began around 12.30am mid night.  My love told me that he doesn’t feel well as chest pain.  With the nervous and worrying we made it to ER @ Kaiser.  They took care of my love as soon as possible and also made us as comfortable as we could and they even offer warm blanket to us and etc.

Due to love drank soda which content of ‘cafe’ early evening thus they can’t ran the test and would like us to stay until the next morning.  Well, due to the holiday weekend and the worker who will work on the test will be available on the afternoon hour only.  Oh well, there is nothing much we can do but just wait and in the same time let my love get some rest.  There is a TV there but l have no mood to watch neither but l pray to God and let us get thru this quicker and l promise l will do more cooking at home rather then pickup meal from outside.

Guess what my love passed the test and the result shows that his heart is healthy but do need to watch the sugar level as they found a little sweet on his blood accordingly to Dr. Young.  Wow!  A warm hug to my love and the tear of joy dripping my face and Thank God we got the great news and we will definately be very careful and eat more green and less sugar. Not forgetting to do our Wii Fit exercise. 

Seriously, l don’t mind the sleepless night and the 16hours in ER but it all good now.  It’s definately a wakeup call for both of us and Thank God the Kaiser team are so efficient and they deserved the compliment from me.   That’s the bittersweet of 29th November 2008.

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