My top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2008

Time flies and we are going to wrap up the bad and ugly 2008.  Thank God!  Looking back and here’s are the 10 most fascinating incidents of the year.

  1. Outrage with my co-worker as one of them called me @ 4am and left voice simply because he is sick and unable to work!
  2. Began to love the Country Music
  3. Trying to encourage my fellow co-worker to start blogging
  4. Watched Jimmy Buffet perform
  5. Withdrawn the CHB exam as cold feet in the last minute
  6. The uncertain stock markets made my portfolio amount dropped significantly.
  7. Report chain – Report direct to the Director of the board
  8. Memorial visit to Malaysia together with love
  9. 16hrs @ ER after Thanksgiving day
  10. Allergy skin test and I am in deed allergy to dust, grasses, weeds and trees

Let’s hope for the better 2009.

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