Are you one of the bad drivers?

May I asked are you of the bad drivers?  There is no doubt we can see bad drivers everywhere in anytime with their stupid attitudes.  Some of them may leave a huge gap in between although the roads were jammed with the cars.  Drive slow and stay in left lane!  Merge to the next lane without indicate signal and many more.  Don’t you hate these?

OMG!  I was on my way home from work and on 85South.  Obviously, after office hour and the road is packed with the cars.  Guess what I happened to be behind the moron who leaves more than 100feets in between. In additional, he is busy chatting on the cell phone and touching his head.  Damn, if he cann’t handle many things at once and I would suggest him to stay out from road. Because after a long day at work and we don’t need to deal with this crap.

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Bad people behavior +1

Gees, I just can’t stand with those bad people behavior and its ugly and stink.  My sister in-law who I didn’t know her much keep bug me for cell phone.  Simply because she knew that I always got free cell.  Oh boy, I have plenty of cell doesn’t mean that I will give it to her!  Those are my collections.

Also, I do delivered breakfast to the folk at work as he ankle got bandage but he seems expecting me to deliver breakfast to him daily!  I don’t mind to share my portion with him but he can’t just expect me to deliver food to him daily @ 8am sharp.  In additional with my hectic schedule and knowing that he got the ability to get breakfast and why he can’t do it himself rather then wait for me!   Come on!  and get real  please.  Did my forehead have the asshole sign on?

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Chinese welcoming the Year of Ox

Some other part  of the world already celebrating the Year of Ox!  That’s includes family gathering with lots home cook food, firework and many more.

Unfortunately, I am thousand miles away from home and didn’t celebrate this occasion since I landed America seven years ago.  And I even work on New Year day.  Though I must say I truly missed the home cook food.  Will definately plan to visit home in this occasion.   

Anyway, I want to wish to those who celebrating Chinese New Year  年快樂.

Michelle please Get Over It!

Oh Boy!  our first lady wasn’t happy with the recent dolls that Ty Company marketing with their new product with the dolls call ‘Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia’  and quoted ‘We feel it is inapproriate to use young private citizens for marketing purposes’.

Not to be rude but Michelle!  Please get over it.  The moment that they share the stage with their family on the campaign. They should have been figure out this day may come duh!  In addition, it isn’t amy trade mark on ‘Sweet Sasha or Marvelous Malia’ in the market yet and those dolls doesn’t look like them.  Again please get over this small matter  and also about think about how Dem put a “Bulging Bristol” and a “Purse-totin Piper” before!

You cannot have both limelights and privacy and please realize that.  Duh!

Did you get the freebies!

Everyone love freebies!  There is no doubt about it.  However, starting 20th whoever shows up at the stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sak Fifth Ave and many more will get a cosmetic giveaway up to $25. 

As a part of a cosmetic class action settlement, many major stores will be handling $175m worth of free cosmetic products at least maximum seven days.  Of course, supplies last, on first come, firsy served basis!

I bet people will just put some effort to queue line for the freebies in different day or mall.

It’s historic of Inauguration!

Wow it is a remarkable experience to witness this fine moment here in United States on this historic Inauguration day on Jan 20th 2009.  Some people make it to DC Capital however many more are witnessing this moment via digital network thru TV broadcast or radio coverage.  Yes, indeed Obama was sworn in as the nation’s 44th President of United Stated.

However, there was a scary moment as Ted Kennedy suffered seizure during the inauguration luncheon.  He will spend a night in the hospital for observation.

God Bless America!

Captain Sullenberger You Rock!





What a miracle that everyone on this plane walk out from the deadly disaster!  The US Airways A320 with the flight number 1549’s crash into the Hudson River and Thank God all survived. 

The cause of the incident is because of a flock of birds disabled two of the plane’s engines after a few minutes took off.

Thank God the 29 years of veteran pilot control the situation well and let the plane crash into the Hudson River instead.  According to report he even walked up and down the plane’s aisle twice to ensure that everyone has escaped before he made his own exit.  What a remarkable experience!

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It’s a Good Day!

What a great morning to begin with!  Guess what my high profile shipment delivered as plan for inauguration purposes at DC.  I am certainly makes our team proud because I really get it delivered on time and also got the best transportation price.

CES 2009

The larger Consumer Electonics Show once again held in Las Vegas from 8th Jan thru 11th. My love will be there for the show and also meet with some company.

Gees, I can’t wait for his return to tell me more about the show.