An undecided mind!

It is frusfrating to line behind to those people that have undecided mind.  And it happened to me again this morning.  I was on the drive through lane to pickup breakfast at McDonald’s this morning.  Unfortunately, I am indeed behind the individual who have undecide difficulty.  This individual took about 10mins to order a Ice Coffee for God sack! 

Understood, it’s depends on mood, date and time of the invidual what he/she wants.  But McDonald’s menu is pretty standard and there is no reason take such a long time to order a ICE Coffee!  Agree? 

Don’t you hate if you are behind these people!

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It’s a Girl!

I am so happy for Nori who is in Japan has been promoted to be a Daddy and glad to hear both mom and Lisa are doing well.  Bet the baby is adorable and cute as the her Daddy is handsome man and Mommy is pretty lady.

The baby girl with the weight of 2.6kgs and 49cm long.  There is no doubt the buddle of joy will keep Takei family occupied day and night!  Again, Congratulation to you Nori.

I will work harder perhaps I will have baby girl sooner with blue eyes 🙂

Presidential Address to Congress

My oh mine!  By watching  the 44th President delivering his first annual address before joint session of Congress makes me laugh.

Actually, his delivered a good plans however something hilarious was DEM keeps supporting him as usual and each sentence he delivered and they will just stand up and clapping their hands sort of brown nose! As for Rep site they were look at each other and also shows sour face.

Well, these people are intelligent but why act like twits.

5ive O’clock shadow

There is no doubt ‘Beauty is in the eyes of  beholder’ no matter how and what yours do and don’t that you will still love him/her.  Anyway, I am so crazy with my love with his five o’clock shadow.

Wow! that’s drive me crazy and he look so great especially with his light ‘pink’ color skin and his blue eyes. Ah that’s turn me on. I like to feel and also use my face to feel or touch the stubble.  I understand he has been complaining not comfortable but I truly appreciate he kept that for me during weekend.

So, my question to ladies around the world would you like your man to have five o’clock shadow?

A recent study in the UK found that women rated men with stubble as tough, mature, aggressive and as the best romantic partners, either for a fling or a long-term relationships.

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Things that DO & DON’T at work place!

There are so many things whether to Do or Don’t especially in public area or work place to the specific.  Unfortunately,  many people don’t reliaze that and lead them to being moronic.

Here’s are the top 10 DON’T  that you don’t wants to do at work place…

  1. Laugh too loud
  2. Talk about their personal life
  3. Chat about technology that he/she not even familiar with
  4. Close the conference room or office door hard
  5. Chat in conference room loud where others in and outsite the room may hear it loud.
  6. Constantly blow his/her nose
  7. Fall asleep
  8. Constantly on personal calls
  9. Constantly surfing net or IM chat
  10. Discuss politic

Well, I guess it all about consideration and a good personality.  If your co-worker have the above routine and the manager didn’t take any action and you know you are with weak team.  Of course,  there will be no room for you to grow unless you quit.

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Bad banking system…

As an online banking user is obviously that he/she will surely know  each time they pay their bill thru online banking will need to open the calendar then choose the date of the delivery to the payee.  However, it depends on some of the payee it might takes 2, 3 days or even 4days.  That’s normal though

Unfortunately, I’ve been encountered many problems on  delay to deliver payment to my payee on the date that shows delievered with BOA. For example on my BOA account shows payment delivered on 02/05 and my payee only got the payment on 02/09.  That’s causing me to get late fee simply because BOA using old fashion method.  They mailed the check to my payee via USPS!

There was also another incident that very frustrated me in last December.  I transfer money from BOA to my HSBC account.  Guess what it took 2 weeks to transfer the money.  And their Customer Service explained to me that due to Season Holidays and it could be a delay on delivery on the check to your payee. 

Wow I just can’t believe such a huge banking corporation and yet they are still using an old method like cutting paper check and mail via USPS!  Come on are we still in stone century?  Why don’t they think about electronic transfer ding ding…

I don’t think this bank is good enough for me and I will close my account with them.


I am still in shock to learn that my BFF in Malaysia was diagnosed with breast cancer and fibroid.  My thought and prayer with her and perhaps she get the speedy recovery and be strong.

She lost 2 persons that very close to her last year. Her sister dies in very suddent follow by her  mom after few months.  This is absolutely not fair for her to go thru like this.

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It’s Valentine’s Day ’09

The lovers around the globe are celebrating the Valentine’s Day with their love one despite the current economy crisis.  It happened that the Valentine’s day fall on Saturday and also long holiday weekend as President’s Day on the following Monday.  Thus makes everyone to make some effort to do something ‘Romantic’ on this special weekend.  Especially in the wet weather! 

Yes, sipping wine next to fire place with good music and good partner that make thing fire up very quickily.  I truly love his kiss it’s just gentle and I like it.  Love everything that he did. What a facinating Valentine that I had  🙂

Thank you love for having me in your life.

Is she insane?

I think insane is a right word to describe this Octuplet Mom.  A single mom who already had 6 children with abnormal way and all kids are under 10 years and is mooching at her parent home.  And yet on her NBC interview she told she didn’t have any support besides her parent.  Well, she lied on National Television interview and Food Stamp Organization fight back and confirmed that she is getting $490 for her 6 children.

From the surgical expert and notice that she did couple facial procedure to look like Angelina Jolie.  However, she denied it.  The at least 3 times surgery costs $20k to $30k.  She then went to back to the Dr.  who helps her on her previous pregnancy to implanted six embryos to have more babies.  This doctor who promised to Crazy Mom not to help her on any procedure anymore because her parent have filed bankruptcy as she mooch at home and they just can’t afford to pay for more bills.  But this moron doctor broke his promised and helps her as her wish.  Thus she end up delivered eight babies in Jan ’09 and it is in the history since decade.

This crazy mom is now on TV, magazine and even she have her own website to ask for donations.  Gees, is she out of her mind to think that people will help her with her bad decision and choices?  Especially in this economy crisis.

I personally don’t think she can handle herself not to think about the 6 kids between 2 to 7 years old.  Now, she has 14babies and expect people to help boo hoo…

I think Foster Care should take away all her babies and send her to psychiatry treatment.  So, that the world less one moron.

Also, Media & Magazine should and have to leave her alone rather treat her like a  STAR and feed her with easy $.

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Will you accept the truth?

Most of the people in general refuse to accept the truth especially on their weak spots unless he/she is willing to improve.  Well, I totally understand this concept and this is why I am annoyed to others as keeps call out their weakest link.  In my thinking if we did not do so how would they improve?

With that lead me to let them be it because it just not worth the trouble to help them if they not willing to change.  Though I feel bad for them…

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