What would you do +1

If you see money on the floor while you walk by and it’s not yours! What would you do?  To pick it up or let it be!!

Well, I did encounter this situation just now while I did my grocery shopping in Safeway close to my home.  While I wheel my shopping cart towards the snack aisle and I saw $5 on the floor.  Trust me  when I saw the $ and it seems like the money talk to me like ‘pick me up, pick me up please!’ But I knew it wasn’t my thus I asked the hispanic lady and her daughter if their $5 drop on the ground. Wow, the mom reacted very quickly and picked up the $5 without respond to me then wheel their cart away from the aisle.

Gees, from her reaction and I can see it wasn’t theirs too.  I should have call Safeway autority to pick it up and send it to lost and found.

So, may I asked what would you do if you encounter this?

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Let her be…

It’s about time to let this psycho mom be!  Since she still live in her fantasy world and don’t get her real situation or what so ever.  The best is to let her be.

Everyone try to help her in the same time will her some media attention wow this is outrageous.  Understood, for those foundations or companies who sponsor her with the goodies with good intention.  But in the same time their organazation capture media attention.  However, some of them with the wrong reasons.

She has been feed by media with easy money with her bad decision.  Probably she thought she is now on the top of the world.  She even fired Angel In Waiting  who offer care for her babies.   Gees, is pain to watch her spoke man arguing with Gloria/AIW on Dr. Phil show and here’s some of the outrage matters..

Quoted by her spoke man:-

1.  She wants privacy!   ==> But she is on Radar.com & The Insider.com on her dairy updates in daily basis.

2. Lack of communications with AIW! ==> Per AIW they can’t even find her in12hrs a day. She went out shopping and come home late guess this is get media attention. Bet this is how she take advantage on people help while may enjoy her life. 

3.  New Jacuzzi! ==> She is asking for donations for help but hey she is now owned a brand new jacuzzi.   

Wow!  She is sick and in the termanated level.  Well we are in the recession period and seriously can’t afford to care for her crap story.  She doesn’t seems apprciated people help nor seems to care. 

Glad to see Dr. Phil unplugged the case and perhaps everyone do the same, Once no one cares about her story. Thus ‘Media’ will leave her alone.  And that’s the time she got to wake up from her fantasy world.

Understood, babies are on her hand but since this is her choice and we can’t do much.  All we need to do is let her wake up quicker to redeem herself.  So, that her kids will get proper care.

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Somber Farewell at Oracle Arena

It is a hard and sad day for everyone to say Goodbye to these fallen officers.  My thought and prayers with their families and also to fellows OPD.  Please be strong!

The city virtually halted a massive memorial service at Oracle Arena for the four heroes that shot to death in the line of duty last weekend.  The attendees inlcudes  thousands of police officers from across the country gathered to join state officials and Bay Area resident. Everyone has one goal to pay respect and also hopping the tragedy could help be a wakeup call for a city plagued by so much voilence.

Though I also want to ‘Thanks’ to the officer who brought down the wanted gunman. Understood, it can’t be review public due to security reason but the officer also a ‘Hero’.  Thank You on behalf of Bay Area resident.

au revoir! E3

We are can see people come and go in anywhere from shopping mall to airport.  However, in this economy crisis we may see more ‘GO’ activities than ever in work place. 

Yea, a group of consultants ‘E3’ are going to leave us due to their contract is ending.  In these 27months we have shared much laughter and many achievements.  I truly enjoyed these time very much because each individual has their ‘unique’ side.  They will be missed dearly.

I am so glad and proud to created a web album for them.  Check it out :-


Here’s some of their feedback from them quoted:-

1. ‘Thank you very, very much for the great album. You did a great job pulling the pictures together.  It makes a very nice remembrance.

2. Great job!

Spring it’s here!

Can you believe we are stepping in the 1st day of spring season?  With that means we may enjoy warm weather and also more outing activties for most of the people.  Of course, we may see Carlos and Pedro will jam up by the parking lot of Home Depot to wait for their luck to do any yard work for people who don’t want to do it by themselves.

Trust me my allergy began weeks ago.  Thank God ‘Benadryl’ helps.  And of course, sun protection lotion also another important to those who love outing.  Though I can’t express enough to people to get a nano hat which used since last year www.nano-caps.com. I truly love the design with the velcro inside the hat band to keep the headphone cables tucked away.  Its just perfect for music lover as they can listen while do they are go outdoor.

I ordered another one yesterday and should get in a few day.

To Make You Feel My Love

What a beautiful song by Bob Dylan.  Though it has been covered by may others singer but no one can bit Garth Brooks. Only one word can describe ‘Great’


When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I would offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love
When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love
I know you haven’t made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I’ve known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my mind where you belong
I’d go hungry, I’d go blind for you
I’d go crawling down the aisle for you
There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do
To make you feel my love
The storms are raging on a rolling sea
Down the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
But you ain’t seen nothing like me yet
There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
Make you happy, make your dreams come true
To make you feel my love

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Let’s get bailout then enjoy bonuses!

Well, these genius definitely have their way to get sympathy from the Govt!

AIG got bailout payment from the US Govt with total of $170bn due close to collapse in 2008.  And now,  they have just announced the bonus payouts today with the amount $450m to their fellow executives.  OMG!  what a great plan and they are using ours tax payer ‘$’ for their bonus purpose instead of emergency matter.

Seriously not sure what is US Treasury doing to allowing these happened?

Outrage with people on TV with wrong reasons!

People in this day tend to be on TV to get attention with wrong reasons as well as the host of the shows and sponsor. With the same goal to get attention and top rating regardless the show is healthy or not.

Here’s the most outrage matter happened recently:-

1. Reality show “The Bachelor’ – Sad ending in the season of the bachelor as he dumped his fiance on National TV.  It is clear now that Melissa willing to take the walk of shame simply wants to get on TV another time.  In additional, she is now on Dancing with the star. Well, it is clear she accomplish her goal to once again appear on TV.  As for broadcaster they ONLY care of the top rating and don’t care whether is she qualify for the program but suck her in too.  Again, Mellisa is no star but what the heck she qualify for the dancing show?  You tell me!

2. Autoplets Mom – A single mom who delivered 8 babies in end of  Jan where she already has 6 six kids from the age 2 thru 7. And she is mooching with her mom became most popular person.  Well, she making big bug now from her bad decision by updating her kids updates on TV.  Bet this is her best time of her life to gain this kind of responses.  Dr. Phil  is well known and he has more +30 years experiences to ‘help’ people.  Well, after his flip flog acts and lost lots of respect especially from me.  At first Dr. Phil sways in and citicites about the bad decision of the psycho mom but hey she is now as his regular guest on his show. Why!    In additional, those moron sponsors support the mom with a double story house, 12 nanny’s on shift, carpet flooring and etc.  OMG!  What’s wrong with these people and is she deserved to gain all these especially in this time? 

Well, this is clear to me that these people are retarted!  Simply love to be on TV for ‘THE’ wrong reasons.  My questions is what if hundreds people who make a similar bad decision like her and will the contributors do the same? 

Come on people please and wake up!

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3.5 magnitude earthquake hit Milpitas

Did you feel it!  There was an earthquake with the 3.5 magnitude hit Milpitas early this morning.  Thank God no injury reported. Also, follow by a few after shock quakes.  

Gees, since we are in California and each family should have earthquake kits just incase it happened.

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Daylight saving begins

2nd week of March!  You know what is that means ‘ Spring Forward’  with effective March 8th at 2am. We are almost end of winter and spring is going to begin soon.  Well, some people will need to adjust their clock ahead one hour.  As for newer version of computer, clock will be automatic updated via calibration signal, satellite  and phone tower do the same for cell phones.

Of course,  it will be pain to deal with especially in the 1st week due to we lost an hour.  But as soon as we adjusted to the timing than it will be good and who doesn’t  like the day time longer then night?

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