Disabled placard!

Many of us understand the purpose of the disabled placard is to help the fellow disable individual to park their vehicle for easy access.  But this previlege has been abuse by many irresponsible individual in many ways.  That’s really painful to watch uhg…

In just a week and I notice 2 misussed cases.  Though I am sure there are many more cases out there.  Here’s are my experiences.

We were at the Costco parking lot waiting for the parking spot.  However, we notice a couple walking towards to the disable parking spot with their things that they purchased.  Both young couple able to walk perfectly and there is no sign of disable at all.  My love took their picture and reportted to DMV.

Also, another eyes witness case.  As I pulled into the ToGo parking spot at Applebee’s restaurant for my to go order.  I saw a couple leaving the restaurant and walk towards the disable parking spot.  As soon as they get into the car. The lady remove the placard immediately. 

Wow! what a shamed for these people to behave like this!  Let’s hope the street patrol will be more concentrate on this more.

To whom who need to understand more about Disabled placard please check this url : http://dmv.ca.gov/pubs/brochures/fast_facts/ffvr07.htm

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How much time you spend online in a day?

We are lucky in these days to have the ‘Internet’ as our tool of source in regards to reseach of school, work project or even additional info that we need in our daily lives.  However, lots of people have been abuse of privilege of the internet usage.   Some of the people use their working hour to surfing net for personal reason or even using their quality time to get online instead of with their family. Uhg that’s just a shame.  Though did you ever figure out how much time that you spend online in a day? 

I guess the average each person will at least spend 10 to 15hrs online.  Though I truly hope people may consider the time balancing as well. By not overdo with Internet!

Deals on Fast Food chain

In this tough economy time, most of the businesses trying their best to survive by provide more deals.  Of course, everyone should notice by now how the Fast Food chain get into the deal to us in order lure customer to their door.

  • Popeye’s chicken offering ‘Tuesday Special’ for 2pcs for 0.99cents
  • KFC go for grill – they are giving away a piece of chicken on 04/27
  • El Polo Loco – is giving away 2pcs of chicken and tortillas for each person come into their restaurant on 04/28

 What a great deal and I don’t see why people will miss this deal!

America made a right choice!

Right on America! Good choice!  There is no surprise to see Anoop and Lil voted off at all.  Although both can sing but they can’t go until the final.  In additional, Lil has been lacking on her performance lately and she even stands up for herself by against judges. 

Well, that’s a big ‘NO’!  Remember the recent vote off in this season Megan and Michael?  They did the samething, tried to stand up by against the judges and the next time they are out from the competition.  Although the voting open to public but I think the committe still control the vote in gerenal. 

The final 5ive have their unique quality but I am thinking Danny is going all the way…

Who will deal with this…

Laugh and fighting mad are my reaction on this..

A personal who work for B and A is a experience individual and hard worker.  As for B just not a up skill boss however C will be the boss man for B & A. Well, it happened that A & C are came from the same region understood there have many things to talk about !  Thus A made a dinner plan to C during her visiting.  For some reason C asked to added B.  And the dilemma begin…

B warned A that not to spill the beans to C.  Per B although A & C are came from the same place it doesn’t mean will be a best friend.  Man what a stupid comment!  Then C told A to switch the dinner to lunch so that C will have chance to meet more people. 

However, A found out that  B & C eventually have a plan for dinner and in fact invited D as well but not A.  Though C invited A for lunch and A accept early then cancell off later.

I seriously, think A has no any intention to harm but just warm hospitality to C. As for B is incompetence therefore always not ready for people to critic or afraid that people smarter then him!  C though did not have a good sence of humor for sure.  My advise to A is to move on rather to dealing these twits!  Who will deal with this…

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Obnoxious of success!

They have similar commons such as blunt, obnoxious, successful and they are from United Kingdom!?! 

Yes, everyone know Simon Cowell who is from American Idol, Len Goodman from Dancing with the star and Gordon Ramsey from Hell Kitchen just to name a few.  Though  these individual are obnoxious and yet there are truly famous with TV show by being a judge.

Just wonder is this call obnoxious of success?

Is that act!

On the lazy Saturday afternoon we drive around for late lunch.  We truly enjoy the stake though.  As we on our way home driving along the Stevens Creek and we notice a teenager car broke down who standing on roadside calling for help.

As we approach closer to that broken car and we notice the driver in front of our car behave strange by don’t pay attention on the road but the girl. We are behind his car and notice his car almost hit the right curb. He quickly pull in the parking lots where closer to the gril.  My love said the girl might be in the danger thus he follow that car.  Though that driver  notice us and he get back on the street and then we notice the girl parent arrive and we also continue our way. 

From the act of that twit obviously have the motive for that girl.  Glad my hubby follow that car to stop him for being.  It’s simply his act to lure attention to us.  I am truly proud of my love to being garden of angel.

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Bad experience on Brizilian Food

I was excited for Brazilian food for dinner.  We made it there around 6.05pm ah the restaurant looks dead and dark however I can see lots of pictures of Brazilian culture.  The waitress guide us to menu spot for at the corner.  I ordered ‘Galinha com polenta’ and my love chose ‘Bife Acebolado’. Oh my!  I got surprise to look at the plating and it doesn’t look appealing at all.  Everything paled on the plate  😦 well since we already ordered thus I will just try it ah there is no taste at all.  I don’t feel like eating after my first bite.   Though the dessert seems good but extremely sweet.

Not to be rude but I really don’t understand why anyone will eat that kind of food though! Well, once is enough and it just not my cup of tea.

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Abuse of Privilege!

What is  Abuse of Privilege ? It happens every minutes in our daily lives. Unfortunately, people just disregard it.

I attended the seminar and I am truly blown away with their setting.  Very nice auditorium and each table has a bouquet of beatiful flowers and purple table cloth which repersent the company who host the seminar.  Breakfast, lunch and beverages provided.  I am glad to find a good spot though however when time getting closer to start and more people are coming in.  A lady sit next to me. Oh boy she ate 3 bagels, fruits and coffee.  I bet she must be real hungry or she is the one of the abuser?

As you may know Google is the best place to work as they contibute everything from breakfast, lunch to dinner, snacks and beverages.  However, I do notice people over loaded with that previlege.  Besides, they enjoy their meal at work and they also grab more they can able to eat home!  I even see those people take their family for dinner at cafe and also loaded the food and take the food home.  Gees, that drives me to the edge.  I am glad the kitchen team is now realize and take more action.

Seriously, why don’t we just take the privilege and enjoy it by not overdo to ‘Abuse’ category? It’s just shamed to see such behavior that people behave.

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Bad people behavior + 3

I don’t meant to write the same topic again and again but there are so many incident that I encounter related with this.  Thought is good to blogged it to share or review later.  As I walking toward the exit door of the mall and I notice a mom who hands full with her right hand with baby and left hand with bags of items. Also, the 3 year girl running around her. They are heading to the exit door as well.

Thus I speed up my walk and by pass them so that I can open the door for them.  Whoops! what a surprise on the mom reaction and she not even look at me.   How could that happened!  As soon as her 3 years old girl walk out the door and she look at me and ask her mom ‘mommy why she help us and open the door for us?’ she repeatably asked her mom the questions.  But the ‘mom’ did not answer her.

I am surprise to get the reaction and I don’t understand why she disregard her daughter questions?  How to be a good moral as a role for mom!  Although, she got a bad day and she should answer her daughter question and at least smile to me if she doesn’t want to say Thank you!

Why is that hard to do?

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