Good Meat Balls


What a great day to begin with!  Both of us wake up late in the Satuerday afternoon.  Then we heading for late lunch.  My love ordered meat balls wow it looks and taste so good and I end up ordered the meat balls  to go for later lol!  I would said we got a very statisfy meal 🙂

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The defination of choice is the right to choose or the chance to choose between two or more things.  There is no doubt choice plays a huge role in our lives.  Of course, there will be bad and good choice that individual that he/she decide.

Guess everyone know about the the reality show Jon & Kate + ei8ht. And this is the perfect bad choice of this couple.  What are they thinking to sign the contract on reality show by allowing people watch their daily lives!  It’s a shame.  Understood, by doing this will get easy money but do they think about their children?  What kind of moron willing to scarify their privacy for $. 

Well, regardless both either act for the rating or they have their relationship issues but it was there choice to lure people to their case.  I just wish Child Support Enforcement will get on to their case.

ACM honor George Strait as Country Music artist of the Decade

This a special tribute to ‘The King of Country’ of his legendary 25years career.  ACM honor George Strait as The Country Music artist of the Decade.  This is will be the special program to be broadcast via CBS to night @ 8pm.  It was recorded at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on 04/16.  Glad CBS air it and share with us.

Artists that will be perform at the special honoring includes Dierks Bentley, Brooks & Dunn, Jamie Foxx, Faith Hill, Jack Ingram, Alan Jackson, Jamey Johnson, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and many more…

Gees, I can’t wait to watch that…

Carlos Santana @ Google MTV

A Grammy Award winning rock and guitarist musician visited Google main campus today.  The hall flooded with the audience.  It started @ 3.30pm but I was 5mins late to made it there and I wasn’t allow to get into the hall as already full house.  The security folk direct to me the 2nd floor.  Well, 2nd floor quite pack as well Thank God I managed to squeeze myself to a spot where only able to look down. Though hard to take picture but I tried snap couple of them.

Carlos and his team explained about their new project which call  as ‘Architect of a New Dawn’ The purpose of the project is to motivate and activate global audience.  Their focus in the areas of film, music and television and one online social network!  Thus Google and You Tube are the perfect pipeline for their project.

I truly agreed and like one of the panel/Diane V Cirincione, Ph.D who said ‘Architect is about choice’.  The things that we do in our daily lives such the action that we do and the word that we speak are so call Architect.  But the evil choice and fear will seperate us from our goal. 

Carlos played his signature music about half hour and due to they run out of time they skip the questions from audience session.  The event concluded around 5pm and follow by refereshment being served.  I am glad and honor to be there just wish I was there earlier to get the good spot.  Though I am not sure why Carlos did not wear sock?

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Season 8 Champion crowned

What a wonderful finale on the TV show ‘Dancing with the stars’. Shawn Johnson and her professional partner Mark Ballas were crowned as the champion of season 8 just now.

Those finalist score were very close however Shawn scored.  She is just cute, pure and good foot steps win it all.  Though one thing for sure that athletic took the lead.  5 champions are from that category.  See below..

Congratulation to both Shawn and Mark.

Comfort Zone!

A comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries that are not real.  Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security.  People who incompetence on what they do are trap on his/her comfort zone.  On the other hand, highly successful persons may routinely step outside their comfort zones, to accomplish what they wish.  This includes change, challenging and experience with new and different behaviour and environment.

Again, it is individual choice on what they want!

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Unclaimed Property $$$

Good news to share!  I got so excited to watched the news last night about the facinasting topic ‘Unclaimed Property’.  Bet, in this recession time with this updates will bring a smile and warm to everyone.

According to NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) they have  $32+ billions is currently being safeguarded by State Treasures and other agencies for 117 million account.

To get more info and check if you have some $ without knowing!  Please check the magic link :

Good Luck!

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New Postage rates..

The price of a U.S. First-Class postage stamp will increase another 2 cents, from 42 to 44-cents on Monday, May 11.  However, if you still have the Forever Stamp and it will be honor whenever they are used with no need for additional postage for one-ounce letter mailing.  Though the price of the Forever Stamp will be 44cents with effective today.

Feel free to check this out for more updates…

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Mother’s Day 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!  That’s right the month of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. This tribute to all mom around the world.  Their responsible, sleepless night, tender loving care and many more are deeply in our thought as sons and daugthers. We are so proud of you.

Although in this recession time and most of the family still celebrate Mother’s day well such getting flowers, special dinner, gifts and etc. This is another time to make retailer a little activities to turn around.  I knew in recent grilled chicken saga that El Pollo Loco will accepting KFC coupon today but please take my advise don’t do that.  Because Mom deserved better meal.  No offense but don’t treat her a meal via coupon that’s my point.

Since I am thousand miles away from her thus I can’t do much here though I do picked up the tote bag for her. Will also call her later.  Sister Evelyn will take her to dinner and let her stay with her for a few days with is a great things.  Rather then listen to my brother screaming babies at home.

I am planning for her to visit me here as soon as my citizenship process done.

Grilled chicken saga…

The grilled chicken saga is ON…

Remember days ago that Oprah granted every table for KFC grilled chicken and the coupon valid from 05/05 through 05/19 except 05/10.  Well, accordingly to KFC quoted ‘Due to overwhelming demand the grilled chicken and KFC will not honor the coupon for now but disturting the rain check!  Well, it’s just wrong and left a bad taste to every consumer.

Guess what, El Pollo Loco is accepting KFC coupon on 05/10 to honor Mother’s Day… Way to go Crazy chicken…

I don’t mind the grilled chicken saga go on like this after all we as a consumer are getting benefit anyway…

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