Good time @ Central Valley

As usual once of the year my hubby’s BFF will organize a pool site party.  And this year they plan a little early because this also a farewell gathering with of the couple that are moving to China next week. 

Though I must say we got the best time there especially with the pleasant weather.  A few best buddies with good food and drink that was the best time.  Mens will talk about new technologies and their electronics.  As for wives will have hers ladies talk while prep the food.  Follow by jump down to Jacuzzi for relaxing.  Ah it just another day in paradise.

Our best friend ‘Felipe and Anel’ are moving to China to persue their dream and we want to wish them all the best.

Understood, 45mins one way to Central Valley sounds like a pain to deal with.  But both of us truly got a great time.  We made it home around 10.30pm

Check this out..

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