The pain as Foreign Worker

If you are the Foreign Worker then you will understand or have been experience in this situation before.  Besides, culture shock and life style change there are so many things to adjust from his/her home country.  Well, I truly understand the ordeal.  In fact, till today I still receive criticism as below..

  • I don’t understand you
  • I do not know what are you talking about
  • Your sentences did not complete
  • You got grammar issues..

Each time I hear that and I feel very sad because I still haven’t master that field yet. Just like sharp knife strike through me.  Very sad and pain.  Thanks to my love who always support and guide me.

Not to be sour grape!  I really appreciate the criticism on this and I will keep learning.  Because I know English is not easy like ABC.  Though I must say if I simply ask any Native American Speaker to just speak or write a word on my language and I can bet it unlikely happening.  So, be consider please.  Let’s hope the fellow foreigner will learn the language of the country where they landed well.

I may not be perfect like the fellow Native American does nor fluent like them. But I am blogging in English since 2006.  And at least 2600+ reader now.  Understood, I have more room to grow and please don’t push me to the edge.  I even volunteer to help my team to write an article for our monthly newsletters so go figure and do the math!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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