Are you a smart shopper?

Everyone of us force to be a smart shopper in this economy downturn.  With sales, deals and coupons are the key for fellow consumer to save extra money in our pocket.

But this morning, I notice a not too smart family at Lee’s sandwiches store.  Their kids grabbed 4 packages of ‘Pringles’ potatoes chips which marked $1.99.  Well, the regular price for each pack is $1!  In fact, there is Target down the street.  Also Safeway and Whole Food are just couple blocks away. Gees, just don’t understand why they willing to pay more. It’s because of convinience?

Understood, it wasn’t my issues whether he/she willing to pay more but just feel sorry to them especially in this recession time.  That’s all.

May I asked are you a ‘Smart Shopper’?

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