Food Network – What is going on?

What is going are my questions surrounded my mind with ‘Food Network’ lately.  The quality of the show drop significantly.   The management seems to focus on rating rather then the quality of the show.  Like everyone else we watch the Food Network program with a simple goal to get knowledge, tips and technique from the fellow expert on how prepapre a great meal.  Unfortunately, we don’t see this anymore rather then flirting and confuse all the fan.  I used to be a fan on FN but not anymore.

There are a few good host that I think should stay :-

  1. Alton Brown – Very talented and entertaining individual.
  2. Bobby Flay – Great chef but a superb loser on his show ‘Throwdown with Bobby Flay’
  3. Giada De Laurentis – Very informative program but for some reason she love to have her husband on the show?!
  4. Ina Garten – Like her show as very simple and easy but again she love to have her hubby on the show?!
  5. Anne Burrell – She is good on technique but she got a weird presentation.
  6. Guy Fierri – The most seccesful FN Star over all. 
  7. Marc Summers – Love his program although he is not cooking

Should go – can’t even watch anymore

  1. Rachel Ray – Should change her theme to 50 or 60mins meal instead.  30mins for 3 courses meal just impossible.  Also, she love to call people ‘Kids’ well, who is she talking too? I would suggest her to stop smoking too.
  2. Paula Dean – Understood she came from the long way but she should be professional enough to do cooking rather than flirting.  Also, how could her sons ‘Jamie and Bobby’ got a show there as ‘Taste travel’.  What qualify them? It is because there are Puala Dean sons?  Come on…
  3.  Duff – Who care about his team and him on how to cope their dateline?  If they can’t deliver then don’t accept the order.  We don’t need to see how well you treat your team or listen to your laugh.
  4. The Neely’s – Another flirting show but this one is between the couple.  How about get a room! 
  5. Robert Irvine – Annoying and obsolute obnoxious individual.  All I can see is anger on him. How about go for anger management class?
  6. Sunny Anderson – Who is she?  Just a DJ who can talk but what else!
  7. Aida Mollenkamp – A joker too just don’t understand why this show exist!  She can speak but why need a gay guy to read a questions to her? Please note that we are smart enough to get our answer straight from our fingertips.  And there is no reason to wait for your program.
  8. Sandra Lee – Semi Homemade!  Is she talended? 
  9. Aaron McCargo Jr – Previous Food Network star but he is very boring.
  10. Alex Guarnashelli – Another abnoxious and bad program.  Seriously, bad presentation.
  11. Adam Gertler – Who is he? Don’t understand why FN hired him simply he can entertain!

I truly missed the old days of FN program with lots of cooking rather than flirting shows.  It would be nice if Emeril Lagasse and Martha Stewart come back from their sister company ‘Fine Living Network’.  At least it may lure people to watch their program otherwise

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