DTV – Digital TV!

After today 06/12, the full-power television stations nationwide will be broadcasting exclusively in a digital format.  The U.S. Congress approved an extension of deadline, which was originally set for 17th Feb.  Please note that the clock will be screw up as well if you don’t run it via digital. 

Digital television, known as DTV is an innovation type of broadcasting technology that provides crystal-clear pictures and sound, and more programming choices than ever before.

While the benefit of digital television are remarkable, millions of households risk losing reception unless they tale the easy steps to receive the digital signal. 

If you use an antenna to watch free, over the air television on an analog TV set – and don’t subscribe to a pay TV service.  Then the individual will be affected by the transition.  There is no effect for cable and satelite customers.  Any questions please call 211 or 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-800-225-5322)

How often should you wash your bra?

In these days, there are so many brand of bras regardless Victoria Secret or SPANX.  We got the same goal to make the ladies comfortable.  Of course, there are styles for us to choice too for example The T-Shirt to Strapless types just to name a few.  But just wonder how often you wash it?

Though I must admit I wash my bras daily by hand with the simply reason to hope the comfortable bras ‘SPANX’ last longer.  As soon I got home and I will take it off unless we got visitor at home.

I am very shock to read a recent survey in England found that British women wash their bras JUST 6 TIMES A YEAR!!!  They clean hers with talcum power!  Yuck! that’s disgusting.  Just don’t understand how they can stand though.  No matter, where are you, whether in the cold or warm weather. I think bra should be wash daily.   Just be clean and consider the smell that you contribute if you sit next to you co-worker in the meeting uhg…

The switch concept like we do on jeans doesn’t apply on bras.  Agree?

It’s my 3rd Anniversary at work!

That’s right!  This world is spinning fast and without realizing it l’ve already spent 3years here at work.  Though I must say I am among the lukiest individuals here at Google land.  I still remember the 1st day that I reported to work in high heels.  At that time we were cramped into a very small area so call ‘Shipping Area’ in building 41.  Oh my…

There is no doubt I truly enjoy this Googley environment with lots of fun events.  So far, I’ve been privileged to see the following superstars perform live:

  1. Tony Bennett on 11/05/07
  2. Jimmy buffett on 10/23/08
  3. Carlos Santana on 05/22/09

We have shared many laughs and achievements in this team.  Each time I accomplish my mission I express it with a ‘Woo Hoo’ which is probably not ideal as some have said it sounds like ‘Ya Hoo’!  I even heard people said ‘She is crazy’ whoops…

One thing is clear to me though, the meaning of the phrase ‘no pain, no gain ‘!

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People who love to talk…

Don’t you just hate to deal with people who love to talk!  We can see people who love to talk anywhere and anytime.  Even worst  to found these people at your work place as to deal with their drama for 8hrs a day.  In additional, if they have the unpleasant voice!  uhg…

Of course, for those who has that stereotype thinking  about this and first thing come to his/her mind was ‘ladies & an old age folks’.  My take to these people are no sense of humor and no live.  Good example from my work.  Gees, how could a male talk so much and even talk about his family drama to his fellow co-worker!  I don’t mean to listen but they are just too loud. 

I received an email from my BFF/MayLing about her sister in-law.  I knew her since high school.  She told me that her sister in-law just constantly call her husband.  Sadly, at least  twice a  day including weekend, she even wake them up on weekend!  Then she will go on and on about her activities!  Oh my..I was thinking is she has a live? Who cares about what she planning to do?  Who give her the right to interrup their quality time or privacy?  Uhg I feel sorry for MayLing to go through this. 

I just don’t understand why people love to talk that much though. It isn’t classy thing to do at all.  Though I do have an advise to these people to use their time wisely rather than yada yada and talk, talk, talk to lower themselve down.

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Pain vs Gain = Move On

Pain vs Gain may describe in many matters.  However, this words is just perfect for my scenario. As usual  my bad day begin @ 2pm on Thursday this is because I got 1on1 with my boss.  Oh joy!

Well, today is just extremely disappointed and frustrated on our argument. He even brought pain vs gain up.  I address to him that one of our team member should save the docs in our filer where folder created in our filer months ago.  His argument to me that the individual don’t have knowledge of computer and it just hard to push him to do.  Besides, this individual has the hard copy so why bother. Of course, my explanation to him that is good to have the soft copy in filer for easy retrieve for review if we need it.  He said let it be.  OMG! I can’t believe he said that.  I don’t understand if the individual don’t do the work and it OK with him?

In additional, he said this individual don’t have ability to handle multitask.  He will not fire nor hire head count.  Wow! that’s sad and I really feel like walk out from the room because I just can’t take it anymore.  Though I asked him is it worth it to have salary position employee to only do one thing?  He said ‘NO’.  And what the hell that he protect the moron!  Try to be nice! Will the short term solution help! Let me tell you Mr Boss man ‘You can ran but you can’t hide’. Just face it will you?

It’s amazing!  Though I learned this pain vs gain very well today.  Why bother to deal with the pain where I doesn’t gain anything even for team efficiency.  Man only two words pop up my mind which ‘Move On’ because I don’t belong here.

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Where hamburger originated?

Many of us eat hamburger twice a week or every more with the simple goal which are easy and convenience.  Though we didn’t think nor figure our where is the hamburger originated from!   But I am glad that I found it and the answer is the States of  ‘Connecticut’.  That’s right.

It seems, in 1900 a man dashed into a sham New Haven luncheonette  ‘Loius Lunch’ and asked for a quick meal that he could eat on the run.  Thus Louis Lassen the owner created the sandwich and broiled beef patty between two slices of bread.  So, the story goes with America’s first hamburger.

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Cloud Computing

Thanks to the technologies today and we are now in Cloud Computing era.  Well, some people might think it might be risk on privacy and etc.  Though I think the convenience is the key. 

What are we asking for more when those new applications with high efficient virtualized compute resource that can be rapidly scaled up and down in a flexible yet secure to deliver a high quality of service!