Privacy between married couple and family member!

Remember when we fight for PB&J, running around the lawn and many more the old good time in our childhood.  As time goes by we begin to have our own agenda.  But hold the thought because I did not mean that once we get older will need to distant the relationship with family! No that wasn’t what we want but I am hoping people may respect our privacy that’s all.

I just don’t understand why people don’t know how to respect the privacy.  Don’t you hate that!  Understood, she is twin sister of my hubby BUT who give her the right to call us daily?  Talk about her to do list or what she do and so on and on!  Wake us up before 8am during weekend + so much more…OMG! Is she has a live?  Seriously, I don’t give a damn on what she is doing for God sake.  Honestly, I don’t mind if she call once a week but 2, 3 times day that will be too much. Then bitching that her phone bill is getting expensive.  Go figure…

Both of us are working and got a very tight schedule and all we need is the quality time together but hey!  She is interfering our time.  Besides, my love said she got no one to talk too uhg…

Guess what I got her SMS earlier because she is ‘WORRYING’ as can’t get hold of my hubby.  Actually, his boss in town that’s why busy with the meetings.  Gees, who has time for her crap!  Besides, I am his wife and capable to take care of my man.  What is she worry about?   Uhg I almost blast her off but I didn’t though.  If she act like this probably she don’t get it.  I can’t believe a person who has PHD in phycology can’t figure this out.  That’s a shame!  What’s wrong with her?

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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