What’s a great day – 5th August 09

5th of August indeed a great day for most of the Americans and also me!  Guess everyone heard about Bill Clinton and two journalists came back from North Korea this morning.  His round trip just took  about 30hrs that’s amazing. It was a bitter sweet moment.  Our previous President Bill Clinton got a informal visit to North Korea and managed to freed the both journalists.  Check it out…http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2009/08/05/VI2009080501879.html?sid=ST2009080401047 

Bill Clinton is our Hero!  Bravo…

Well, as for me I passed my USCIS interview today.  Although, I knew it wasn’t that hard because we do have booklet to study but to get through that process it just great. With that means I will be American citizen as soon as I take the oath.  I am feeling good and will never forget the 5th August 09.

By elizascott Posted in Proud

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