Family + Evil Bitch = Disaster

Years ago we so call a simple family with 3 kids in small town are just happy and pure.  But today after 30+years it became completely different situation from happy to sad.

Understood things change from time to time.  Like kids grow up and individual have their own agenda like job or got married but why the happiness no longer there?  I guess it is a failure on the family members especially the key personal ‘My brother’. 

He got married 3years ago with the evil bitch who is also the control freak.  Seriously, I don’t see any goodness that she brought into our family besides darkness.  My brother became greedy and go down to the wrong path.  These idiots took away the donations that people donated when Dad passed away.  Dis-respect to our Mom and so much mom and I will never ever forgive them.  It seems, she intentionally disconnect the line of our home phone just so no one can reach mom.  OMG!  luckily my sister Evelyn found out on her visit.  Thank God we gave mom a cell phone on our last visit.  Why she did that?   She even abuse her maid. Man, I will team up with my sister to see how  to assist the maid.  Will definitely report to police perhaps this will teach her a lesson.

Mad with her as she got zero respect to Mom but also sympathy on her acts.  Hope she will redeem herself before too late.  Sadly for my brother who have no balls and guts to stand for the right and wrong but let the evil bitch rule the whole house.  Very lame and shame on him.

This is her 2nd marriage and also 2nd change and hopefully she will appreciate in the good way.  People like her with no sense of humor it just waste in the society.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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