Grow up and respect our privacy!

It is weekend that we are looking for and it is time for us to spend our lazy day together.  But I just don’t understand why my hubby twin sister just do not know how to respect our privacy!  Don’t you just hate that?

Guess what she calls 7 times today up to 6.20pm.  From the time we were shopping, lunch until we are going to take a nap and she keeps talking uhg!  Is she has a life if don’t please go and get one?  If it is an important matter then we can understand but she simply love to chat about ‘her’, what she do, she bought 2boxes of blue berries and went to dinner with her neighbor.  Seriously, I don’t give a crap on her agenda as long as not the stupid one.   But come on and please STOP calling us like this.

As we laid down in bed thought that we need to relax but hey she called again uhg.  Well, I am pissed and SMS her to call tomorrow instead as we need to take a nap.   I hate to do this but hey I forced to.  Let see how long she will stop calling.

She needs to grow up and respect our privacy!  Just wonder how could a phd can’t understand a simple thing like this!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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